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Webcop is a cloud-based platform that comes with a breakthrough A.I engine that automatically scans, detects, fixes & generates buyer leads from websites that are unintentionally breaking local & international laws. Webcop comes with an inbuilt-high converting funnel that attracts buyer leads and persuades clients to pay for website compliance services.

You simply have to copy one line of code from Webcop & place it on any website, blog, or funnel to fully comply with international privacy laws with the built-in GDPR tools, generate cookie policies & widgets in a few clicks.. 

Watch Webcop In Action


Product: Webcop

Niche: Software

Vendor: Misan Morrison

Launch Date: 2022-March-25

Launch Time: 10:00 am EST

Front-End Price: $37

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk: support@webcop.io

Webcop Works In 3 Simple Steps…

Login To The Webcop Widget To Generate A Short Line Of Code

Paste The Line Of Code On Any Business Website To Allow Visitors To Run Free Website Compliance Tests

The Business Owner Is Shown Where Their Website Has Compliance Issues And The Software Closes The Lead For You

Here’s Whats Inside Of Webcop Dashboard

Lawsuit Website Analyzer

This tool is included inside Webcop and can be used to do a thorough scan of ANY website you choose to look for potential issues that could result in a lawsuit with no installation.

With the click of your mouse and just a few seconds, you’ll get instant results from the analysis that reveal potential legal issues that need to be resolved.

Lawsuit Website Widget

Copy and paste this widget to your Agency website to offer FREE legal and compliance tests to quickly generate leads.

This tool automatically scans any website that chooses to run a compliance test for legal and compliance issues.

Privacy Policy Generator

Surprisingly, many websites don’t have a privacy policy even though it can be an FTC violation that results in a fine.

Webcop will quickly identify this and automatically generate a Privacy Policy for any website that doesn’t have one without any hard work required.

Disclaimer Generator

Any website that’s selling anything should have a disclaimer to prevent liability and explain what’s being offered and how everything works

Webcop also offers a module that handles this with ease

Instantly create a perfect disclaimer that will protect the website owner from lawsuits and liability.

Cookie Consent Generator

If your website uses cookies, you must get consent of visitors per the GDPR and other laws. This simple tool makes it easy to add this to any client site.

Terms And Conditions Generator

A Terms and Conditions page is crucial for any website that collects leads or sells something, but many websites don’t have one.

This simple tool makes it easy to add a T&C page to any website online.

Cookie Widget Generator

Many businesses websites are actively looking to add a cookie widget, and this tool inside Webcop does it quickly and efficiently with a few clicks.

Quickly create a custom cookies widget to comply with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR.

Return & Refund Policy Generator

This Return and Refund Policy Generator makes it as easy as entering a few simple details and clicking your mouse to create an airtight Return and Refund Policy for any website.

ADA Fixer

This simple tool will find any ADA compliance issues with any website and correct those issues quickly and easily.

SSL Fixer

It’s crucial that a business website uses SSL to protect important client data and to get the best search rankings possible, and these tools find all SSL issues.

Easily fix these issues that can cause visitors to leave a website because it says the site is not secure.

Plagiarism Checker

With a single click, Webcop will find any text, image, or video plagiarism on a website, so it can be removed and fines and lawsuits avoided…

Webcop Step-By-Step Video Training

This step-by-step training shows you exactly how to get started with Webcop today.

You’ll see the exact steps to get businesses coming to you to solve their problem by simply ‘copying and pasting’ a single line of code.

Who Is Webcop Useful For?

Small Businesses & Freelancers

Bloggers & Video Marketers

Affiliate Marketers & eCom Marketers

Local Businesses & Website Owners

Product Vendors & Graphic Designers

Social Media Marketers & Lead Generation Experts

Watch A Quick Overview Of Webcop

Webcop – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Webcop solves different legal and compliance issues with business websites that can result in fines or lawsuits AND gets businesses to come to you so you can help them and get paid to solve these problems for them. Wepcop makes it easy to create an agency business by copying and pasting a single line of code in just a few clicks. Get Started Now!

Note: Refer Your JVZoo Portal To Access Your Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Practical Backend Webinar Training On How To Monetize Webcop (Value: $197)

The creators of Webcop are pulling back the curtain to reveal behind-the-scenes strategies on how to monetize Webcop like a Pro. You simply watch over our shoulder as we explain every step along the way so you can ‘copy-and-paste’ this process for your own success.

Bonus #2 – Unlimited Life-Time Access To “Salesy – Business Sales CRM” (Value: $497)

Sales are indeed the thriving need of any organization. Salesly is a business sales CRM tool, here to make your complex sales activity a lot easier. Never again miss a meeting or miss on a quote or miss a client for poor management. With Salesly, put your best foot forward and ace your sales card.

Bonus #3 – Unlimited Life-Time Access To “StoreGo – Online Store Builder” (Value: $497)

StoreGo is here to offer you a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end. Right from managing the product inventories to fulfilling orders, every aspect of your store could be settled through StoreGo under one tab. Enjoy a manageable storefront with an easy user interface.

Bonus #4 – Unlimited Life-Time Access To “Turbo Website Reviewer – In-depth SEO Analysis Tool” (Value: $497)

Turbo Website Reviewer helps to identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents for a better search engine ranking. It also offers side-by-side SEO comparisons with your competitors. Analysis reports are also downloaded as PDF files for offline usage.

Bonus #5 – Most Profitable FB Ad Campaigns (Value: $247)

Instantly find all the most profitable FB ads and campaigns using this powerful campaign copier. Clone them without spending hours on research or copywriting and get the maximum result on your campaigns.

With this app, you are already on the fast track to success because you save time and energy while being certain of high converting FB ads and video ads!

Replicate and create the hot and trending campaigns inside Cubeet within minutes and get maximum results!

Bonus #6 – Full Ownership Of Premium Custom-Made Software For Translating & Ranking Your Videos In Different Languages (Value: $247)

Graphic Design Could Be Your Superpower… Create Guru-Level Graphics In Minutes. Use them on your projects or sell them and keep 100% of the profit!

Bonus #7 – Life-Time Access To “SoftVCard – Elite Digital Business Card Maker” (Value: $497)

SoftVCard consists of an Elite Digital Business Card Maker which makes designing a card simple, convenient, and reliable. You can create what you need in just 5 minutes. This is a digital business card that is smart, elegant & affordable.

Bonus #8 – Lifetime Access to Our Premium 15-in-1 YouTube Marketing Suite (Value: $197)

This is a premium 15-in-1 youtube marketing suite containing the best marketing tools for YouTube videos such as Tags generator, youtube to mp3 converter, thumbnails generator and more…

Bonus #9 – Unlimited Life-Time Access To “ClockGo – Time Tracking Tool” (Value: $497)

Time tracking has never been this easier. With ClockGo you can track the time spent on each project through timer settings and manual setup. Through charts and accumulated data, you can effectively manage the time of your client and the individual member.

Bonus #10 – Unlimited Life-Time Access To “Biolinks – Bio Links, URL Shortener & QR Codes Generator” (Value: $497)

Biolinks is the only social bio link platform you’ll ever need, including a fully-featured URL Shortener & a QR Codes system.

Bonus #11 – Traffic Beast

Whether you have a personal blog, business website, or are making money through online advertising, today’s currency of success relies, almost exclusively, on the science of cultivating more significant traffic to your website.

The traffic that you bring to your website is crucial because it helps you increase your rankings on the various search engines, which is how potential customers can find your company. Unfortunately bringing more traffic to your site these days can be a challenge. With millions of competing websites, it can be difficult for potential customers to find your site.

The five powerful techniques outlined in this guide are geared toward a single purpose; helping you drive more traffic to your website. These methods that you will learn are easier than you might have thought initially and will bring you results within a week. Topics covered: Content Creation, SEO, and Leveraging Analytics Different Social Media Channels Link Building Guest Blogging Email Marketing And much more!

Bonus #12 – Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

A lot of people who try to sell anything online simply are not doing a good job of it.

This is the main reason why the vast majority of people trying to sell affiliate products simply can’t make a living off their online marketing.

The whole idea of “build it and they will come” is just a pipe dream. It may have worked 10 years ago. But it doesn’t work today. There’s just simply too much competition out there.

If you truly want to create passive income using online properties you have to create a sales funnel.

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