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VidHostPro is a brand-new app that lets you host, market, and play unlimited videos at blazing-fast speed on any website, page, and device beautifully with zero delays, zero traffic leakage, & zero disturbing ads. VidHostPro is completely customizable to your exact specifications. The HLS Player is perfectly optimized to play videos on all devices and it is 100% Mobile Responsive.

VidHostPro gives a tailor-made appearance and functionality of your video player to your specific needs including the ability to change the frame, color, branding, Player bar, or logos to the player. This allows you to create a more visually appealing and professional-looking player that aligns with your brand.

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Product: VidHostPro

Niche: Software

Vendor: Todd Gross, Amit Pareek, Luann Beckman & Atul Pareek

Launch Date: 2023-November-24

Launch Time: 11:00 a.m EST

Front-End Price: $47

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy


Here Are Some Of The Features Of VidHostPro

Host And Showcase Unlimited Videos

Cloud-based platform to host and showcase unlimited videos. There is no limit to what you can do and earn with VidHostPro. You can upload UNLIMITED videos, and capture unlimited leads from unlimited visitors.

Publish Videos On ANY Website, Landing Page, Online Shop Or Membership Site

Publish Your Videos Anywhere You Like By Just Copying and Pasting One Line Of Embed Code.

Revamp Your Playlists And Offer An Exceptional Viewing Experience

Bottom Aligned Play List.

Right Aligned Play List.

Create Chapters To Engage More Audiences.

Embed The Entire PlayList Anywhere.

Maximize Your Video Presentation With Customizable Players.

Ultra-light and Attractive Player That Works On Any Device.

Lightning-Fast Loading Speed.

Maximize Visitor Engagement With Ad-Free Videos.

Create Beautiful & SEO Friendly Video Channels & Playlists

Build Super-Engaging Video Channels Or Video Blog.

Create Multiple Playlists To Manage Videos Easily.

Fully SEO Optimized Video Pages, Playlists, and Channels.

Go Effortlessly Viral With Social Sharing.

Embed Your Calls To Action Inside Videos.

Done-For-You, High Converting Templates.

Drag And Drop Editor To Edit Templates In A Few Clicks.

Intelligent Analytics To Measure The Performance

Check out unique visitors, and conversions stats in nice graphs on the analytics page to build strategy & improve your marketing campaigns to get more returns and profits.

20+ Integrations With Autoresponders And Other Service

Setup integration in a few clicks and send all your leads to your favorite autoresponders for prompt communication. Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at pre-defined intervals.

Different Video Format With Full HDR Support

Add Videos in MP4 format to optimize them to deliver at lightning-fast speed on any device with full HDR support.

Also accept mov | wmv | flv | avi | avchd | webm | mkv

128 Bit Secured, SSL Encryption To Secure Your Files, Data And Video Channels

You’re not only getting encryption more secure than Ft. Knox with VidHostPro, but you’re getting that same SSL Encryption for every Video channel you ever create with your account.

Who Is VidHostPro Useful For?

Website Owners & Freelancers

Video Marketers & Youtubers

Affiliate Marketers & eCom Marketers

Email Marketers & Small Businesses

Coaches & Lead Generation Experts

Agency Owners & Product Vendors

Watch A Quick Overview Of VidHostPro

VidHostPro – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


VidHostPro stands out as an exceptional solution for hosting, marketing, and streaming videos seamlessly across various platforms. Its commitment to delivering an unparalleled user experience is evident in its blazing-fast speed, zero delays, and the absence of disturbing ads. The software’s versatility shines through its ability to cater to diverse needs, offering complete customization to match specific requirements.

With zero traffic leakage, users can trust in the security and integrity of your content, making it an ideal choice for businesses, creators, and anyone seeking a reliable video hosting and streaming solution. In a landscape where digital content is king, VidHostPro emerges as a reliable ally, providing a seamless and customizable platform that empowers you to showcase your videos beautifully while maintaining control and professionalism.

Note: Access To The Special Bonuses Will Be Delivered Upon Purchase of VidHostPro

Bonus #1 – Auto Video Creator

This handy software will allow you to create videos quickly and easily in just a few minutes! Put together a variety of short videos and have them up on VidHostPro in no time to boost your business!

Bonus #2 – Covert Video Squeeze Page Creator

Video Squeeze Pages are the most effective way to build a list. This creator builds amazing and high-converting squeeze pages easily and will allow you to generate unlimited subscribers!

Bonus #3 – Video Launch Method

Video product launches are the go-to for the world’s best brands. This guide will show you the best techniques used in videos during successful product launches that will help you improve your brand positioning.

Reap maximum benefits from your video launches while using these methods and hosting on VidHostPro.

Bonus #4 – Web Video Production

Maximize your message in a short time to your globally scattered audience by conveying your message through video. This package will show you the best way to do that.

Then host your video on VidHostPro and get the right viewers watching!

Bonus #5 – List Building Videos

Streamline your efforts to build your list. These how-to videos will show you what’s needed to build a profitable list and use it to boost your affiliate commissions like a pro.

Put those skills to use and set up your list-building form inside your VidHostPro video and watch your list grow.

Bonus #6 – Branding Secrets

Want to know the secrets behind building a brand that people love? Find out all the tips, techniques, and exact steps to build your brand and develop a perfect marketing strategy.

Integrate this with your overall marketing strategy & boost your brand-building efforts along with VidHostPro for your video marketing branding.

Bonus #7 – Pro Background Music Tracks

Professional quality music tracks to enhance your videos. This easy-to-use software has countless quality tracks that vary in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and can be inserted anywhere in your videos. Give this highly professional touch to your videos and grab your viewer’s attention.

Bonus #8 – Turbo GIF Animator

Love those animated images that look like videos but aren’t? They are fantastic to use for short clips, a quick tip demo, or in places where you can’t use videos – like emails.

These powerful graphics are great to use in promoting products or services online. Now you have a tool that will enable you to easily create these GIFs and have a lot of fun doing it.

Bonus #9 – 60 Photoshop Action Scripts

These Action Scripts create 3D eBook cover designs in just a few clicks. Grab your viewers’ attention and make them want to sign up for your lead magnets or latest reports or any number of other things.

You’ll be able to offer these on a form so that your viewers can sign up inside your videos hosted on VidHostPro.

Bonus #10 – Public Speaking

Would you like to learn how to calm your nerves and speak easily and thoughtfully to an audience?

This package will help ease you to that moment where you can stand up and share your story with others. Having great confidence in front of more people will help you in all areas of your life, including your business.

Bonus #11 – Text To Speech Converter

Ready to make your next audio so much easier? Allow this software to convert your text into your next speech – with ease! That’s right. Your text is converted into speech. You can use this for audio for your next video or read a report or book out loud to yourself! Listen anytime, anywhere.

Enhance your video marketing results & become a marketing pro.

Bonus #12 – The Animation Playbook

This playbook will give you the simple steps to create animated videos that will attract new customers and prospects. You’ll discover the process to create multiple kinds of videos, and multiple stories with multiple scenarios.

Hosting these fun to create videos on your VidHostPro account will bring in repeat viewers and more customers along with more sales.

Bonus #13 – Animated Pop Over Window Generator

Have something very special to say? Have a limited-time offer? Have something that you don’t want your visitors to miss?

We got you covered – literally!

This Pop-over “window” will allow you to add any of those things right over your beautiful page. Once they do whatever it is that you want, they can easily close this “window” and continue to the rest of your site.

Bonus #14 – Podcasting Made Easy

If you want to use the immense power of podcasting to build your business, we have just what you need.

With this 5-day crash course, you too can learn how to record your podcast & broadcast to a growing audience in several ways. This is an exciting way to talk to a group of your loyal fans and get your message out.

Bonus #15 – 300 Logo Templates

Your brand – your logo – is so important to your business. You want the best look that quickly conveys the message that you want others to know about your company. You want them to remember it.

Even if you aren’t a graphic designer, you can select from 300 Logo Templates to start your logo selection.

Combine your logo and your color selections on your video player on VidHostPro and you have a BRAND WINNER!

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