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VacayMatic is a brand-new app that helps you build your very own 100% done-for-you flight deal finder sites pre-loaded with high-converting & highly-profitable flight deals from popular airlines. Fresh content, automated traffic & premium hosting are all included.

The platform comes with 55000+ flight deals that are automatically updated and new ones are added EVERY HOUR! And the best part – earn commission every time somebody clicks. Each site comes with an SEO-optimized blog filled with “travel tips” and “save on travel” articles for free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and social media sites like Facebook and Reddit.

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Product: VacayMatic

Niche: Software

Vendor: Igor Burban

Launch Date: 2022-December-11

Launch Time: 10:00 a.m EST

Front-End Price: $17

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support: Effective Service Response

Create 100% Automated Flight Deal Finder Sites In 3 Simple Steps

Choose Which Cities To Focus On

Select which country/city or airports you want to have on your site. Mix & match OR include ALL destinations on your site if you wish!

Enter Your Affiliate IDs

Add your affiliate IDs and all the links automatically become your affiliate links.

Don’t have an affiliate account yet? No worries. Inside the dashboard, You’ll be shown how to instantly get approved for all affiliate programs.

Let Your Site Earn Affiliate Commissions

Every time somebody comes to your site, clicks on ANY flight deal, and books a flight, you get paid. Plus, you get to profit from banner ads through affiliate sales. AND you earn commission from hotel bookings and tickets to events/things to do. Your sites earn from FIVE affiliate income streams!

Here Are Some Of The Features Of VacayMatic

Cloud-Based, 100% Beginner Friendly Software

Nothing to install and no need to worry about updates. Access from ANYWHERE. Literally, pick a name for your site and have it built in no time! No list, no paid traffic, and no experience needed.

Profitable Sites + Free Traffic

Enjoy free daily traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and social media sites like Facebook and Reddit.

Consistent Affiliate Earnings

Profit from THOUSANDS of famous airlines like United, Delta, Lufthansa, Air France, etc.

550,000+ Flight Deals

Automatically updated and new ones are added EVERY HOUR! And the best part – earn commission every time somebody clicks.

Guaranteed Instant Approval

Get automatically approved to all affiliate programs so even if you’re a complete beginner, you can start earning commission right away.

Fresh CONTENT Built In

Writing content sucks! This is why each site comes with an SEO-optimized blog filled with “travel tips” and “save on travel” articles. You don’t have to write anything!

FREE Automated Traffic

Get visitors from Google and other search engines + automatically post the best deals to social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, etc. for viral traffic. Never worry about visitors again.

119 Countries & 13 Languages

Create flight deal sites in 13 languages for the world’s 119 largest economies reaching a total population of 5.2+ billion people.

Free .CLICK Domain

Every Buyer Gets One Top Level Domain .click Included for Free. Additionally, Each Site Gets a Free Subdomain.

Easy-to-Follow Tutorials

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find videos that cover everything from setting up your site to customizing it.

Who Is VacayMatic Useful For?

Vloggers & Freelancers

Website Owners & Youtubers

Affiliate Marketers & eCom Marketers

Marketing Agencies & Video Marketers

Email Marketers & Website Owners

Social Media Marketers & Lead Generation Experts

Watch A Quick Overview Of VacayMatic

VacayMatic – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


VacayMatic includes all the necessary set of features that lets you create & profit from your very own 100% automated flight deal finder site and profit every time somebody comes to your site, clicks on ANY deal, and books a flight, you get paid. Plus, you get to profit from banner ads through affiliate sales. AND you earn commission from hotel bookings and tickets to events/things to do. Your sites earn from FIVE affiliate income streams… Get Started Now!

Note: Refer Your Warriorplus Portal To Access The Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Novelty Site Builder

Novelty Site Builder is a brand-new app that lets you create and run money-making Amazon affiliate sites with unique viral products. Auto-fill your sites with viral products from Amazon’s 16 countries. The included WordPress plugin + theme and Chrome extension make it easy to import products without ever having to copy and paste anything manually.

Bonus #2 – WP Bounce

WP Bounce lets you turn your bouncing traffic into Amazon sales!

 From Keyword Generation to Product Selection – All Automated

WP Bounce generates keywords based on post/product content automatically. They are used to pull relevant products from amazon.com. Just install WP Bounce once and it will take care of everything else.

 Geo Location Aware – Clicks and Sales From International Visitors

WP Bounce knows what country the visitor is from based on the user’s IP address. It can automatically pull products from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.jp, amazon.es., amazon.ch, amazon.it sites. Never lose a sale from international visitors again!

 Laser Targeting – Brings Huge Click-Throughs and Sales

WP Bounce picks up SERP keywords and uses them to pull relevant products from amazon.com. Huge CTRs that lead to a huge amount of Sales!

Bonus #3 – Travel Affiliate Kit

Travel Affiliate Kit is exactly the video you need to establish authority and boost rank in affiliate travel marketing so you can sell and make oodles of money FAST and with a presence. If you want to build trust and rank online you MUST have dibs on the quality traffic that’s going to support and fuel you.

This simple-to-follow instructional step-by-step video is your means to succeed and then some IF you are serious about making big money QUICK in affiliate marketing via the hot-to-trot travel niche. Of course, travel is and forever shall be a TOP rated niche that has oodles of qualified buyers looking to spend lots of money on their passion of choice.

This is great news for you because this video shows you step by step how to slip into view via awesome social media marketing promotion that’s going to capture the attention of your prey and MAKE them want more!

Bonus #4 – Your Travel Niche Blog

Tour Travel Niche Blog is another super hot top niche you don’t want to disregard.

If you are serious about building a quality online business and income stream you seriously need every advantage you can get. This download provides you with the top-quality information you need to shine online and that means your bank account will literally sing. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Step by step you will learn exactly what you need in your brain to take full advantage of this hot niche and from there you can rinse and repeat. Building a solid platform that will help you create your online income stream that just doesn’t want to stop. That’s good news in case you’re wondering.

Bonus #5 – Content Marketing Boosters

Find out how using other forms of media in your content marketing plan can drastically boost your results!

Content marketing is all about creating high-quality, relevant content that your prospects will respond to, but don’t be fooled; there are more ways to build successful campaigns than just with article or blog content.

When just starting out in content marketing, you’ll likely hear that your focus should be on creating content that will drive the most traffic to your website, maximizing your exposure, but if you want to build truly successful campaigns, you must make sure that your campaigns convert that traffic into either return customer’s, leads, or sales.

If you are basing your content marketing on articles alone, you should consider switching gears, and start focusing on additional content formats that will generate a positive response from those who visit your site. Providing prospects with different content types will satisfy all visitors, rather than those who only wish to read text-based content.

So, what do you need to do? You need to jack your campaigns up so that you are tapping into all of the most powerful content formats and really drill down into what your niche market really wants from you.

Bonus #6 – Auto Content Machine

We all know Content is King on the internet And This is a premium WP plugin that get’s content from almost any site to your WordPress blog, automatically!

You can use this to:

 Create a personal site that collects news, posts, etc. from your favorite sites to see them in one place.

 Use with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites.

 Collect products from affiliate programs to make money.

 Collect posts to create a test environment for your plugin/theme.

 Collect plugins, themes, apps, and images from other sites to create a collection of them.

 Keep track of competitors.

 You can imagine anything. The internet is full of content.

Bonus #7 – How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer

In this guide which complements the Become A Successful Social Media Influencer videos, you’re going to learn all about the impact that influencers have and how they get paid for the work they do.

You’ll discover how influencers go viral on mediums like TikTok, the right way to use hashtags and challenges, what TikTok Analytics can tell you, how to select the right niche, how to implement Instagram like a pro, how to get your posts going viral, how to get brands wanting to contact you to promote their products, how to gain further exposure using data, how to build your YouTube channel and much more.

We’re in a world where influencers are a huge deal and this is one guide you truly must-read. It doesn’t require any super special skill to build an audience of followers. You’ll realize that here.

Bonus #8 – 100 Website Business Models

This ebook will give you 100 website business models. You get ideas for lots of different types of websites and/or businesses to start. Plus you will learn what qualities and features to look for in a web hosting company that will host your websites or blogs. The more websites you have, the more streams of income you will have.

Bonus #9 – The 30-Day Content Marketing Plan

30-Day Content Marketing Plan is a step-by-step blueprint for creating fresh content that converts. It’s full of highly actionable and practical tips that will walk you through everything you need to do within the 30-day period.

Bonus #10 – Turbo GIF Animator

Convert any photos or videos into GIFs. The thing is that one of the best types of images that engage more viewers in social media is the images that are moving or simply animated images in GIF format.

Bonus #11 – The Traffic Handbook

Trying to grow your website traffic can feel like fighting blind a lot of the time. Without a clear strategy, your efforts when it comes to growing traffic can be sporadic and haphazard.

Great internet marketing is about marrying new strategies (like SEO and social media marketing) with tried and tested principles. That means understanding what your business is about, who your audience is, and how to get them excited.

It means delivering amazing value and information through your content.

Here are what you will learn in this guide: 

 Content marketing strategies to attract a bigger audience to your blog or social profiles.

 7 benefits of posting valuable content on your website and social media.

 How to build links that will actually IMPACT on your ranking!

 How to write SEO content that generates organic search traffic and boosts your ranking.

 How to grow your social media exponentially with minimal effort?

 Understand the principles that can be applied to any site and any business.

 How many times you should post on your blog and social profiles? Here’s our recommendation if you’re just starting out.

 Tips on SEO paid advertising, social media, and branding for building an online presence.

 5 effective content types to grow your traffic and sales.

 Three types of keywords you want to target when it comes to search engine optimization. Understand each of these keyword types for the biggest gains in organic traffic and much, much more!

Bonus #12 – Turbo eCom + Addon PRO

Turbo eCom Amazon™ Module For PrestaShop is the latest in speed, ingenuity, and grace and gives you the ability to effectively incorporate eCommerce functionality into your PrestaShop site. It is the most flexible, easiest-by-far architecture (especially for newbies!) A module that literally enhances your existing PrestaShop site by fetching Products from Amazon to it with complete ease, essentially turning your shop into money.

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