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TrendMonetizer is a Breakthrough Software That Let’s You Hijack TRENDING Content AND Make It Your Own By Embedding Your Custom Messages To Drive Traffic, Conversions And Leads To Your Business. This Software Will Help You Instantly Monetize Trending Content (articles and videos) In Just a Matter Of Few Clicks While Building a Effective email List.


Product : TrendMonetizer

Niche : Software

Vendor : Victory Akpos

Launch Date : 2020-January-27

Launch Time : 11:00 EST

Front-End Price : $33

Refund Policy : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support URL :

Checkout Some Features & Benefits Of TrendMonetizer

 Site Builder & Management

Create your online school, record lectures and share your knowledge worldwide. Add video, image, text, quizzes, and PDF files. Easily import content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Use CoachZippy to turn all of your knowledge altogether into lectures. Create a teaching marketplace where your customers can buy your lectures and courses with just one click.

 Beautiful High Converting Pages

From landing pages, to sales pages, to checkout pages, and more, you’ll find a template to fit your every need. Best part is that they’re all optimized to get you results.

 Online Courses

Easily build a beautiful course website, share your knowledge, and be rewarded for it with just a few clicks, you’ll get a fully functioning school with learning management, payment gateways, and sales & marketing tools.

Customize All Texts/Multiple Languages

Use this option to convert your CoachZippy site from English to your native language easily. This is great for those who are multilingual and don’t want to have to create their sites from scratch. Just create the site once, then simply click to convert and you’re all set.

 Membership Website Builder

Create your own Membership site using easy-to-do website Builder. Simply drag and drop the elements and create the membership site of your choice.

 Quizess and Surveys

Easily create a quiz, document for homework, and even the ability to require completion of an assessment before moving on and also the ability to tag members based on quiz responses.

 Knowledge Commerce Platform

Bring all of your knowledge together into one beautiful online sire. Create a product marketplace where your customers can buy additional products with just one click.

Who Can Benefit Out Of CoachZippy?

 Professional Online Coaches

 Content Marketing Experts

 Social Media Marketers

 Online Trainers In Any Niche

 Any Online Businesses Wanting to Build & Sell Knowledge Centric Courses

Checkout CoachZippy In Action In the Below Video

PRO’s & CON’s Of CoachZippy


[+] 20+ Apps integration support

[+] 100% Newbie Friendly & Works In Any Niche.

[+] Beautiful High Converting Pages

[+] You can micro-manage different types of notifications for enrollment, subscription and comment.

[+] Accept international payments with the Coachzippy automated payment processors already integrated with gateways like paypal and stripe.


[+] People could spend hundreds of hours digging for information on Google, trying to separate the good advice from the useless results or they can pay you for the knowledge that you can give them on a silver platter. CoachZippy is well equipped with all the necessary good to go materials so that you can straight away get into the business without any hassle thereby eliminating all limitations & hardships.

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addResponse – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Technology has revolutionized teaching and learning. Lectures, courses or seminars no longer have to be confined to the classroom.

Why not?

Because instructors and students now have a digital toolbox – ranging from mobile devices to virtual learning systems to online courses. And let’s not forget digital textbooks. If it’s in print, it’s also on Kindle.

CoachZippy Is the right tool to package your knowledge that can get you up and running quickly. This Unique Knowledge Commerce Platform Is Giving You Everything You Need To Sell & Scale Up Your Expertise. Act NOW & Secure Your Copy!

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Search for popular content on Facebook for you to share! Discover How to Quickly & Easily Find and Share the Hottest Facebook Content in Your Niche!

Here’s How You Can Build A Highly Profitable Optin Mailing List Automatically By Harnessing The Proven Power Of Viral List Building!

The money is in the list and you really can’t ignore this as many successful internet marketing leaders recommended list building a profitable way to monetize your website.

If you are having some issues on building your list, inside this product is a piece of amazing software that can be good help for you to get started.

How to Build Stronger Relationships, Increase Engagement, & Even Make More Sales…With One Easy Website Change! If you are a blogger or an online business owner, building relationship and trust to your readers is a good strategy to make them keep on coming back into your website or blog.

The thing is that, this has always been one of the challenges of every internet marketer. But the good news is that inside this product is a tool that would likely a huge help in building those relationships by providing geo targeted content that will make you an authority to their eyes.

(Note: Links go Live at 10:00 EDT on 2020-January-24)

Create Mini Sales Funnels (Front End Product, OTO and their Download Pages) in Minutes! Traffic is the blood to every online business website. But the thing is that not all traffic are equal. That’s sales funnel are created to sort out those leads being generated. Now, the next challenge is how are you going to build those sales funnels? The good news is that inside this product is a piece of amazing software that will help you build a stunning sales funnel in just a matter of minutes.

As a clever Internet Marketer, you’ve clearly seen the benefit of using the Turbo List Builder as an essential part of your marketing strategy!

Many people want to make a lot of money to be spent for their needs and to their dream items. That’s why they are doing extra efforts in any ways to earn an extra income or a fortune online. The thing is that, for those many people who’ve got started doing internet marketing or building their first business online, don’t know the importance of building a list until their business go down. So if you want to build a successful online business, better start building a list when you immediately got started and use this amazing tool to reach the success of your online business.

Discover A Little-Known SYSTEM You Can Use To Get TOP Rankings In MAJOR Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN!

Search engines are one of the best media to drive traffic into your website. This is because the traffic is very targeted and of course free. Now, your challenge is how are you going to climb to the search result pages. The fact is that, there are many factors for your website to climb up higher in the search engine and it also depends on the current attributes and assets that your website has.That’s why equalizing your website asset will lead you to the understanding to the things that needs to be done in your campaign. And the good news is that, inside this product is a software that will help you automate the process.

These Sales Graphics Editors Are Guaranteed To Help You Build The Perfect WSO For Your Product, Service, Or Offer Without Using Photoshop!

Graphics are really a huge help to persuade your audience to optin into your list or buy to your products and services. But what if you are not a graphic designer or don’t know how to use photo editing software like Photoshop?

Well inside amazing product is a Sales Graphic Editor that will look like the high-converting sales page graphics sold in Warrior Forum or WSO.

This script or software is very easy to use and fun to work with. Save a lot of time and helps you make a lot of money online right away.

Get clicks from Your Affiliate Banners Using this Unique Ad Rotator Plugin!

If you are a blogger, chances are you have some affiliate banners in your sidebar. And those banners positions don’t have equal click-through rates. Because of this, web programmers developed a solution regarding this issue and that’s the unique ad rotator software. This amazing piece of tool helps you rotate your banner images in your sidebar without touching any codes.

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Free Marketing report – Pinterest Business Boards looks at the following topics: – What Is Pinning and Repinning? – Following – Adding comments – Using Pinterest For Business – Share Your Business Philosophy through Images – Make Your Pins Stand Out – Connect with Your Customers and Potential Customers – Driving Traffic to Your Site with Pinterest.

This is very easy to use. You can get started with it right away. The software will explain every step in the process, take you by the hand, and make the process obvious to you. There is a real methodology behind this. You will not have to study this methodology: It will come naturally to you, thanks to Project Genius.

Completely Automate The Entire Sales & Product Delivery Process For All Of Your PayPal Based Sites in 7 Minutes or Less – No Programming Skills Required! This Could Be The Easiest System Ever Put Together To Automate All Of Your sales site Processes From PayPal IPN To Emailing Your Customers, Handling Downloads, And More!

Discover how any of your associates, affiliates or joint venture partners can easily and effortlessly promote any of your launch products instantly with a powerful and easy to use promo page builder software to convert sales.

Give Your Web Site a Live touch – instantly add streaming video to their web site without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services or paying costly monthly fees! Instant Video Creator is a revolutionary new software that allows multiple users to create their videos under their own accounts. Not only can you use it to create just your own streaming videos, but you can also start your own service where you charge a monthly fee to host such videos for your customers.

(Note: Links go Live at 10:00 EDT on 2020-January-24)


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