“SmartVideo Revolution” Review By SAASMantra

SmartVideo Revolution is a most advanced enterprise-grade personalized video marketing platform that is also a all-in-one video creator that lets you Produce, Publish AND Personalize, cinematic-style marketing videos that star your every visitor.

Everyone who views a SmartVideo that you create will see it as if it’s personally, exclusively for them.  SmartVideo Revolution comes with over 92+ studio-grade creative elements and personalization options for names, locations, photos and more, SmartVideo is created with an intent to revolutionize the way you do Video Marketing.


Product : Smart Video Revolution

Niche : Software

Vendors : Dean Gilmore, Simon Warner

Launch Date : 2020-May-21

Launch Time : 03:00 p.m EST

Front-End Price : $47 – $67

Refund Policy : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk : Effective Support Desk

Here Are Few Exclusive Features & Functions of SmartVideo Revolution

Create Enterprise-Grade Personalized Videos With Exclusive Features Like

[+] In-Video & Hyper Video Personalization

[+] Video Creation

[+] Video Editing

[+] Video Player

[+] Sales Outreach

[+] Marketing Automation

Drag & Drop Cloud Based Video Personalization Editor

[+] 360, 3D & Cinemagraph Personalized Video Editor

[+] Canvas Resize

​[+] Import any kind of Media, Video & Images

[+] Video Opacity Settings

[+] 9 Video Blending Modes

[+] Animated Transitions

[+] Dynamic & Animated Text

[+] Animated CTAs

[+] Audio Fade In & Out 

[+] Animated Lower Thirds & Personalized Combo Elements

Showcase Your Videos In Your Virtual Movie Theatre

[+] 360 Videos on Mobile

[+] 3D Videos on Mobile

[+] Cinemagraphs on Mobile

[+] Vertical Videos

[+] Square Videos

[+] Video Wrapper Graphics

[+] 20 Video Play Button Icons

[+] 25 Click Here To Play Graphics

Grab Your Viewers Attention And Reach Out to Them Personally with 

[+] First Name Personalization

[+] Last Name Personalization

[+] Email Personalization

[+] Geo City Personalization

[+] Geo State Personalization

[+] Full Name Personalization

​[+] Image Personalization

[+] Custom Personalization 

[+] Animated Personalization Opt-in

Easily Enhance Your Videos With Top Quality Audio, Images & Animations From Your Built-In Library of Royalty Free Assets

[+] Pexels Stock Images

[+] Pexels Stock Footage

[+] Unsplash Stock Images

[+] Pixabay Stock Footage 

[+] Pixabay Stock Images

[+] Animated Flags & Stickers

[+] Animation for Images & text

[+] ​100+ Music Tracks

[+] 100 Emojis Animated & Static

[+] 500+ Niche High Quality Base Level Videos

Promote to the Right People In the Right Ways 

[+] Case Studies

[+] Marketing Material

[+] Contracts

[+] Consultant Kit

[+] Telemarketing Scripts

[+] Ready-Made Demo Scripts

[+] Ready-Made Sales Scripts

[+] Personalized Marketing Videos

Release Your Latest Blockbuster to The Masses With Just One Click

[+] Social Media Integration

[+] 90+ ESP Integrations

​​[+] Email Integrations: Gmail, Outlook, STMP

Maximize Profits With Your Profit Integrated Maximizer Tools

[+] WebCam Recorder

[+] Screen Recorder

[+] Audio Recorder

[+] Template Generator

[+] Personalized Thumbnail Creator

Sell More With These Ready-To-Go Smart Sales Tools

[+] Client Folders

[+] Personalized Video Agency Demo Website

[+] 5 Chatbot Demo Pages

[+] 5 Niche Chatbot Templates

[+] Personalized Email Video Builder & Templates

[+] Personalized Video Landing Page Builder & Templates

Who Is SmartVideo Revolution Useful For?

Video Marketers & Product Vendors

Digital Marketing Agencies

Affiliate Marketers & Local Businesses

Lead & Traffic Generation Experts

Digital Store Owners & Freelancers

Physical Product Owners & Course Sellers

Software Owners & Branding Experts

PRO’s & CON’s Of SmartVideo Revolution


[+] Easy to use drag & drop cloud based video personalization editor.

[+] Built-in library of royalty free assets from multiple stock image & footage sites.

[+] Personalized approach through multiple customization options to grab customer attention & close more sales.

[+] Customized Scripts, Kit & Materials to promote in the right way to right set of people.

[+] Custom workflows for marketing, email campaign, sales and business prospecting.

[+] One-stop solution for creating personalized videos that consistently delivers qualified leads & sales.


[+] NONE! SmartVideo Revolution is packed with numerous possibilities to create videos in a most personalized way. This unique app doesn’t have any drawback that will lay restrictions on your ability of personalized video creation. Infact with over 92+ smart personalization features & lot of other options, SmartVideo Revolution is a power packed solution for personalized & customized Video Marketing.

SmartVideo Revolution – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


SmartVideo Revolution is a next level approach in the Video Marketing arena because of the most exclusive and important factors that is the approach of Customization & Personalization. With this one of a kind cloud based software your ability to customize & personalize videos is enhanced than ever before. You get to personalize a lot of factors in your videos such as First Name, Last Name, Email & also ​Geo City, Geo State, Image & much more…

You also get to enhance your videos with top quality audio, images, & animations that you can choose within the built-in library from multiple sites like Pexels, Pixabay & Unsplash. Along with this you get access to 500+ Niche High Quality Base Level Videos, 100 music tracks, static & animated emojis. Get Access Now & Start Your Personalized Video Marketing Journey!!


1. UNLIMITED video renders (100) M

2. Unlimited commercial license to sell personalized videos for top dollar!

3. 100 DFY Motivational Video Clips

4. 60 DFY Success Video Quote Templates

5. 35 DFY Social Media Real Estate Post 

6. 50 DFY Social Media Ads

7. 150 Video Overlays For Blending Modes

Additional Bonus : All In One Video & Audio Downloader

a) Video Download Sites

[+] Facebook Video Downloader

[+] Twitter Video Downloader

[+] Instagram Video/Photo Downloader

[+] Vimeo Video Downloader

[+] Dailymotion Video Downloader

[+] Tumblr Video Downloader

[+] Buzzfeed Video Downloader

[+] Break Video Downloader

[+] Izlesene Video Downloader

[+] Flickr Video Downloader

[+] Imgur Video Downloader

[+] Liveleak Video Downloader

[+] Odnoklassniki Video Downloader

[+] Tiktok Video Downloader (Without watermarks)

[+] Mashable Video Downloader

[+] Espn Video Downloader

[+] Imdb Video Downloader

[+] 9GAG Video Downloader

[+] VK Video Downloader

[+] Pinterest Video Downloader

[+] Likee Video Downloader

[+] Twitch Video Downloader

[+] Blogger Video Downloader

b) Audio Download Sites

[+] Soundcloud Music Downloader

[+] Bandcamp Music Downloader

[+] Ted Video/Audio Downloader

[+] Tiktok MP3 Downloader


[+] 30 DFY Long-Form Social Media/Blog Post 

[+] 30 Day Agency Lift Off  DFY Videos

[+] 6 Local Business Owners Selling Playbooks – 

[+] The exact internal playbooks our team has used to sell over 3  Million dollars in personalized video 

[+] (Schedule A Meeting, Persuade Them To Take Action, Make A Sales Pitch, Discuss Pricing, Convince Them To Hire You, Brainstorm Ideas)

[+] Attorneys & Lawyers Decision Makers

[+] Ecomm Decision Makers

[+] Financial Services Decision Makers

[+] Real Estate Agency Decision Makers

[+] Restaurant Owners – Decision Makers

[+] Travel Agents – Decision Makers


Full Personalized Video Marketing User Management Admin Dashboard with 3 Included Apps – On Vendor Site

[+] Profile

[+] To-Do App

[+] Meeting Room 

[+] Marketing Assets –

1. Contracts

2. Powerpoint Presentation

3. Business Cards

4. Bi-Fold Brochure

5. Tri-Fold Brochure

6. Flyer 

7. Assistant Video Editor Template

8. Media Planner 

9. Video Contract


350+ Free HTML Email Templates

Make responsive, interactive personalized beautiful email newsletters within 10 minutes with VideoRemix! Our compilation comprises up-to-date email templates for 2020. Customize once — use always!

Additional Bonuses:

[+] 3D Personalized Video Editor 

[+] Cinemagraphs Personalized Video Editor

[+] Interactive 3D Videos on mobile

[+] Interactive Cinemagraphs on mobile 

[+] Social Media Integration 3D – Cinemagraph Videos

[+] Pexels Stock Images 

[+] Pexels Stock Footage 

[+] Unsplash Stock Images

[+] Pixabay Stock Footage

[+] Pixabay Stock Images 

[+] Animated CTA’s for 3D, & Cinemagraphs

[+] Animated Flags for 3D, & Cinemagraphs

[+] Animated Stickers for 3D, & Cinemagraphs

[+] Animated Labels & Pricing  for 3D, & Cinemagraphs.


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