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QR Verse is a brand-new QR code builder which lets you create, share and profit from over 20+ types of QR codes. QR Verse comes with an easy-to-use both dynamic & static QR code builder that helps you build and customize your QR Codes however you want (colors, backgrounds, shapes, logo, frames, extra fonts, size, and even precision) and much more…

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Product: QR Verse

Niche: Software

Vendor: Misan Morrison & Leon Andrew

Front-End Price: $47

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk: support@xcod.io

Generate Profit Making Custom QR Codes In 3 Simple Steps…

Create Profit-Making QR Codes in 40 Seconds or Less, by Selecting From Among 20+ Done for You QR Code Templates

Share Profit Making QR Codes in 20 Seconds or Less, by Selecting From Among 3+ Instant Communication Channels

Generate Consistent Income

Here Are Some Of The Features Of QR Verse

Create Both Dynamic And Static QR Codes

Easy, fast, Both Dynamic And Static Cloud-based QR Code Builder which doesn’t require you to have absolutely any coding experience.

20+ QR Code Types

Custom Page, Website, Call, SMS, Text, PayPal, Bitcoin, Wi-Fi, Email, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Event, Images, Videos, Document, App, Coupon, Audio, Profile Card, Feedback, Social Media, password protection included, with new QR Code Types added on a monthly basis with the Template Club Upgrade.

Customize Anything You Want In The QR Code

You can customize anything you want in the QR Codes like colors, backgrounds, shapes, logo, frames, extra fonts, size, and even precision, making it the most flexible QR Code Builder ever.

10+ QR Code Patterns, Marker Borders, And Marker Centers

You can select From Over 10 QR Code Patterns, marker borders, and marker centers, something no other QR Code Builder offers.

Instant Preview, Instant Download

You can preview In Real Time And Download QR Codes in PNG or SVG Formats, instantly, with no waiting lines.

Multiple Instant Sharing Capabilities

You can even share QR Codes For Instant Profits Through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Via URL, which is something no other QR Code Builder has available still.

Easy Searching And Sorting Capabilities

Avoid The Headache of Losing QR Codes With Easy Searching and Sorting Capabilities, something other QR Code builders lack as well.

QR Code Analytics

You and even your clients have access to Accurate And Detailed QR Code Analytics With Lifetime Analytics Retention, something other QR Code builders also don’t have.

QR Code Jobs Finder

You will also access the built-in QR Code Jobs Finder so you can start finding and closing clients.

Suggest A Feature Form

You will be provided with a “Suggest A Feature Form” for App Improvements, until we create the App you love.

Video Tutorials And Knowledge Base Included

Step by Step, Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials And Knowledge Base Included To Guide You In Every Step Of The Process, which is something you won’t find on any other QR Code Builder.

Who Is QR Verse Useful For?

Small Businesses & Freelancers

Bloggers & Funnel Experts

Affiliate Marketers & eCom Marketers

Local Businesses & Website Owners

Product Vendors & Web Designers

Social Media Marketers & Lead Generation Experts

Watch A Quick Overview Of QR Verse

QR Verse- Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


QR Verse is a simple and easy-to-use QR code builder that offers simple yet comprehensive features for even a newbie to handle. You not only get QR code builder but also a QR code project manager, QR code folder manager, QR code jobs finder, and much more. All this under one roof for a one-time price. Get Started Now!

Note: Email Your Purchase Receipt to support@xcod.io To Access Your Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Lifetime Unlimited Access To LeadGo – Lead Management Tool (Value – $497)

This is a Lead Management Tool for maintaining precision in managing multiple leads. Using this proficient tool you could manage the visibility of your leads across various stages in the pipeline. It guarantees improved efficiency with ease in allocating multiple resources to various leads simultaneously.

Bonus #2 – Lifetime Unlimited Access To 66SocialProof – Social Proof & FOMO Widgets Notifications (Value: $497)

66socialproof  is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools, plugins, and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engage and keep your website visitors.

Bonus #3 – Lifetime Unlimited Access To WhatsStore – Online WhatsApp Store Builder (Value: $497)

WhatsStore is here to offer you a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end.

Create Catalogue and Receive orders on WhatsApp Right from managing the product inventories to fulfilling orders, every aspect of your store could be settled through WhatsStore under one tab.

Enjoy a manageable storefront with an easy user interface.

Bonus #4 – Lifetime Unlimited Access To RotaGo – Staff Scheduling Tool (Value – $497)

Managing employees, their availability, shifts, leaves, and rates could become quite overwhelming, especially when you have multiple locations to cater to. Well no more. With RotaGo, from managing employee details to assigning them shifts and leaves, you can do the needful from one place.

Easy to assign employees based on availability preferences.

Easy to calculate costs as you get to manage default and custom role-wise rates.

Perfectly suitable when you have multiple locations and numerous employees to assign shifts to.

Effective leave management and embargoes for smooth workflow and Much More…

Bonus #5 – Lifetime Unlimited Access To SiteDoctor – Website Health Checker (Value – $497)

SiteDoctor can check your website’s health status within a minute. Follow the suggestion provided by the SiteDoctor and make your site more SEO friendly. SiteDoctor will analyze all metrics of your website such as title, description, keyword, tag, page size, page speed, server status, compression status, mobile-friendly status, image/CSS/javascript status, and many more other important metrics of your website.

Bonus #6 – Lifetime Unlimited Access To SiteSpy – The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools (Value – $497)

The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO package including visitor analytics (unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit, traffic analysis, top referrer, new & returning visitor, content overview, country & browser report, os & device report etc.) , web analytics (Alexa data, whois data, social media data, Moz check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check), SEO tools (link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, page status check, etc.)

You will also get several bonus utility tools such as email encoder/decoder, metatag generator, OG tag generator, plagiarism check, valid email check, duplicate email filter, URL encodes/decode, robot code generator, etc.

Bonus #7 – Deluxe (Unlimited) License To Redeemly – Cardless Loyalty Program Builder (Value – $49)

Redeemly Deluxe offers you ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED To multiply your winnings by 10 FAST

Create a loyalty program for 500 companies: This upgrade lets you create cardless loyalty programs for up to 500 companies so you can earn 10x your earnings.

Updated to 5,000 customers: Add up to 5,000 customers, which will benefit you and the companies you work with

Increase earnings with unlimited loyalty campaigns: Create unlimited loyalty campaigns, so you can charge more by running additional campaigns for each of your customers.

Keep customers happy with unlimited loyalty rewards: Generate unlimited loyalty rewards to get even more value for your paying customers (this keeps them using this and paying you monthly).

Bonus #8 – Lifetime Reseller License To Internet Marketing For Complete Beginners (Value – $197)

As an internet marketer, you’ll be able to earn money from the comfort of your home, with no limit as to how far you can scale and grow your business.

It’s highly rewarding, and it’s a skill that you can use to land jobs, or market to other companies, too.

There’s just one problem: it’s all rather complicated. If you’re not familiar with the world of internet marketing, then you might even be wondering how it’s even possible to earn money online without anything physical!

It’s all a bit daunting and it’s certainly not clear how or where to start.

With this video course, you will learn the Basics of SEO, Site Design, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, and more.

Bonus #9 – Lifetime Reseller License To Social Traffic Rush (Value – $197)

Discover How You Can Get A Rush Of Targeted Traffic From Social Media In This 10-Part Course!

You’ll uncover the power of organic Facebook posts as well as Facebook Ads, and how you can use both to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. invoice

You’ll discover the benefits of video marketing on YouTube, and how you can use this powerful platform to gain new subscribers and drive traffic to your site!

You’ll see why celebrities and VIPs are going gaga over Instagram. Nope, you don’t need to be a celebrity to succeed on this platform. Many businesses have found massive success here!

You’ll understand why writers and bloggers love Medium. This popular blogging platform will help you in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Bonus #10 – Lifetime Reseller License To Killer Traffic Generation Tactics (Value – $197)

Did you know that many people don’t know that generating traffic is the next important thing to do once you have constructed a website?

New entrepreneurs start a site, wait for traffic to come, end up disillusioned with Internet-based business – and instead look only to generate traffic, rather than to produce a decent site with reasonable content and products.

So why doesn’t traffic immediately stream in after someone sets up a website?

The primary reason is that traffic has to come from somewhere. It doesn’t just drop out of the sky.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without a constant stream flowing through, your business will slowly begin to cease up altogether.

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