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PursueApp is a cloud-based cold email marketing automation platform that lets you create highly personalized cold email campaigns that are 100% organic and targeted to help you create a warm relationship from the first mail. With PursueApp, you can create custom email journeys for your customers. Giving them exactly the right input to make a sale.

The powerful events system of PursueApp watches how your lead reacts to the email and lets you automate the next step based on everything. You can combine this platform with any CRM, any website, any ad campaign, and even manual entry of leads. No matter how you bring in your cold leads, PursueApp will convert them into warm leads and then convert them.

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Product: PursueApp

Niche: Software

Vendor: Cyril Jeet Gupta

Launch Date: 2021-March-20

Launch Time: 11:00 a.m EST

Front-End Price: $37

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk: https://teknikforce.com/support/

Set & Forget Your Profit Cold Email Campaigns With PursueApp In 3 Simple Steps

Login And Setup Your Campaign In PursueApp

Switch On The Campaign And Let The Emails Go Out

Watch The Cold Leads Warm Up And Bring In Sales

Make Cold Emails Easy With The Following Powerful Features Of PursueApp

Personalized cold email campaigns

PursueApp helps you create highly personalized cold-email campaigns that are 100% organic and targeted.

Custom customer journeys

A cold email campaign aims to nurture a relationship and guide a cold lead into becoming a customer.

With PursueApp, you can create custom email journeys for your customers. Giving them exactly the right input to make a sale.

Works with any lead source

PursueApp can be combined with any CRM, any website, any ad campaign, and even manual entry of leads.

No matter how you bring in your cold leads, PursueApp will convert them into warm leads and then convert them.

Automatically verifies leads

In email marketing, your reputation depends on the leads you target. Target bad or non-existing leads and your sender reputation goes down.

PursueApp lets you verify every lead that comes in and make sure it’s genuine. Increasing your response rate and keeping your sender score high.

Integrates with all mailing systems

PursueApp lets you send your emails with every mailing system including Google Workspaces, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, SMTPs, etc.

Send your mails with any identity and any mailing system.

Dozen of readymade email themes & templates

Make your emails stand out with PursueApp’s in-built email themes and templates that are suitable for every business niche and every occasion.

You can modify the template with the in-built powerful designer and customize it with your own graphics and content.

Readymade mail sequences

You get a ready-made powerful mail sequence that you can quickly plugin and adapt, making it easy for you to get started with your own powerful cold email sequence.

Powerful A/B Testing

Make your campaigns better and better with A/B testing. Find out what works best for your leads and improve your cold email sequences to get you the best returns.

PursueApp gives you a side-by-side comparison between two emails.

Go to the inbox every time

PursueApp lets you send marketing messages using GSuite and Gmail. Combined with the intelligent content system that makes each mail highly unique, you are assured of higher delivery and inboxing of every mail sequence.

Send with multiple IDs

PursueApp lets you use multiple IDs and senders in your mail campaigns. So you can find out which sender works well and then use it.

Tracks Conversions & Sales

⇒ PursueApp not only tracks how your leads warm-up, it also tracks sales.

⇒ So if there is any sale from the cold email, you’ll know which lead bought at what level in the sequence. Conversion data will help you make your email sequence bullet-proof.

Complete control over your sequences

Cold email marketing only works when you have granular control over the emails sent to each lead. PursueApp gives you total control. You’ll know which emails each lead gets and how they respond to it.

⇒ You can also send custom emails to specific leads as well as pause or restart the campaigns to them.

Identify Leads That Are Getting Warm

PursueApp also separately identifies the leads who are responding to you and have been warmed up. You can then feed these leads into your other channels of marketing and get sales.

Intelligent reports and analytics

PursueApp’s analytics dashboard gives you complete information about your leads and the results you are getting.

With the detailed reporting and analytics, you will find it easier to come up with fresh ideas for profits and create a better sales plan.

Multi-Trigger Sequences

Select different emails to send based on intelligent triggers like number of opens, clicks, and combinations. With these triggers you can craft 100% unique pathways for your customer, showing them exactly the message they need at every stage.

Analyze individual leads

Analyze individual leads and see how they are responding to your messages. Make your communication as individualized as you want, including creating a custom message for each lead.

Powerful Leadscore systems

With PursueApp’s lead-score system, you will know how warm each lead is, and you can craft the next level of your marketing better, getting a superior response rate and conversions.

Who Is PursueApp Useful For?

Email Marketers & Bloggers

Affiliate Marketers & eCom Marketers

Traffic & Lead Generation Experts 

Digital Marketing Agencies & Freelancers

Local Business Owners & Product Vendors

Here’s What The Customers And Users Are Saying About PursueApp

“PursueApp app is incredible and powerful. Just look at the Campaign itself, its worth more than your time and money that you paid for other similar tools out there.”

- Andy Teoh

“All of your software solutions are top-notch. The real deal! And I am confident that this cold email app will also be first rate as well. Look forward to using it to build my business like never before.”

- David Smallman

“Must have app for cold emails just in time, like you were reading my mind. Almost made the mistake of loading cold emails in to GetResponse to find large business and governement buildings for radon testing. So this is perfect for our B2B start up in getting new clients!”

- Robert Ratcliff

“I’ve been searching for an affordable solution to send cold emails. None that I found had a built-in email validator so I was getting tons of emails bounces and errors. This puts my Gmail account at risk. Being able to scrub my list will dramatically increase my results.”

- Dana Williams

Watch A Quick Overview Of PursueApp

PursueApp – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Cold-email is one of the best ways to connect with your customers and warm up a lead into a customer. It doesn’t matter what niche you are working in. PursueApp lets you create multiple campaigns even for a single product.

You can sell your services using multiple pitches and find out which one works best for your business type and create custom customer journeys based on specific responses and behaviors, and engage each customer in a 100% unique manner to generate consistent profit. Get Started Now…

Note: Access To All The Bonuses Will Be Delivered In Your JVZoo Portal

Bonus #1 – WhiteLabel License to WP Leadfinder

A highly customizable plugin that generates exhaustive and relevant database from FB and Twitter. Saves you a lot of time on manual research by doing all the extensive research from the most popular social media platforms all by itself.

Bonus #2 – Email Jeet Web Mailer

Send Emails from your web hosting using Email Jeet Webmailer, the web-based self-hosted mail client. Email Jeet Webmailer can send emails through your local server using PHP mail, or can also be configured to work with any SMTP provider like Sendgrid, etc. Works online with standard PHP hosting.

Bonus #3 – WhiteLabel License to WP Personalizer

This engagement and conversion-boosting plugin allows you to create unlimited personalized landing pages for your Social, Advertisement & Email Campaigns without having to build landing pages. It uses dynamic pages which means you can personalize any existing WordPress page/post by adding shortcodes & simply editing the URL.

Bonus #4 – WhiteLabel License to Fb Bar Jeet

Fb Bar Jeet is a stealthy plugin that helps you send boatloads of targeted clicks. With Fb bar Jeet you will be able to drive the traffic wherever you want it to go.

Drive traffic anywhere you want with a sneaky fun trick. The stealthy plugin will help you send lots and lots of targeted clicks to any offer be it your own product, CPA, or affiliate offer.

Bonus #5 – VideoJoinner

Video Joiner is a brand new software that lets you fuse videos seamlessly. Just select the videos you want to join and follow the simple steps to integrate the videos. A few clicks and you get a video customised to your needs. No need to hire professional help to bring together videos. Do it on your own.

Bonus #6 – List Mail Jeet

Mail your leads directly from your desktop PC.

Need a quick solution to mail directly from your desktop PC?

You can use the List Mail Jeet. A quick little software that will help you mail any list very quickly from your desktop PC itself. Ideal for small mailout jobs to one time lists.

Bonus #7 – Turbo Tube Engage PRO

You Can Finally Get Your Users to Interact! Transform Any Video To A Powerful List Building, Money Making, VIRAL Machine, Improve Your Viewers’ Interactivity With Just a Few Simple Clicks and FINALLY Achieve Your Goals!

This step by step illustrated tutorial will show you

1. How to install Turbo Tube Engage.

2. How to use Turbo Tube Engage.

It’s taken as granted that you have already a hosting account where you will install the software. Since you’re reading the manual for the PRO version it’s also taken as granted that you have created yours. JVZoo, ClickBank, or Aweber accounts in order to integrate them with the software.

Lastly, you’re supposed to have your video uploaded on YouTube so to use it with the Turbo Tube Engage. Remember that you may need special permission for using other people’s videos with this software. This version provides integration of sites!

Bonus #8 – Email Column

Create beautiful slim columns with the emails you send out and make them look amazing on mobile screens too. One click software will turn any text into the column width of your choice.

Bonus #9 – WhiteLabel License To WP SociFlock

This high on functionality software allows you to auto syndicate posts and comments on multiple FaceBook groups and pages at the same time. Allows you to post feed, images, videos on the groups. It enbles you to comment to the posts in the group.

Bonus #10 – FB Webinar

Create high-converting webinar landing pages inside of Facebook or WordPress. 

Get started right away, and set up as many FB Webinar pages as you want! You can use webinar pages without Facebook too and use a nice pretty URLs inside of WP.


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