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ProfitVideo is cloud and AI-based video editor that’s simple to use and it lets you do everything from screen capture, recording, editing, annotating, filters, thumbnails, and much more. ProfitVideo lets you add in music, voiceovers, text, or images, and you can crop, resize, trim and join videos with ease!

Your ProfitVideo dashboard comes loaded with hand-crafted templates that you can use and also fill in your own videos, and let the software add in the appropriate transitions, animations, intros, and outros! You also get DFY affiliate products to promote. Just activate one of the DFY affiliate offers, edit any of the pre-recorded videos you get, insert your affiliate link and earn consistent affiliate commissions.

Watch ProfitVideo In Action


Product: ProfitVideo

Niche: Software

Vendor: Mike McKay, Radu Hahaianu & Calin Loan

Front-End Price: $17

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Email: support@serapisnow.com

Support Desk: https://serapisnow.com/support/ticket/new/

ProfitVideo Automates Traffic & Sales In 3 Simple Steps

Login To The Cloud-Based Software

(There is NOTHING for you to download, install or configure)

Record Your Screen, Camera & Mic Or Drag & Drop ANY Of The DFY Video Templates Right Into Our Editor!

(The black canvas timeline lets you combine screen recording with camera, audio backgrounds, microphone, voiceovers)

Edit Your Video With AI Simplicity Within Seconds: From The Most Basic “Crop” To Full-Blown Animations!

(That includes the ability to clip, trip & join videos, add intros and outros, mix in filters, music, or subtitles and even use the thumbnail creator)

Here’s A Glimpse Of The Features Of ProfitVideo

Cloud Based “Camtasia Killer” Video Editor

ProfitVideo runs fully in the cloud: there’s no download or installation process. Just login and start creating, editing, and publishing.

Multiple Ways To Create The Perfect Video

From screen capture/recording to camera & mic recording, to adding in additional videos, it’s all easy, drag & drop and 1 click away.

“Black Canvas” Timeline Editor Lets You Do It All

This is really the ultimate Camtasia Killer: you can add in music, voiceovers, text or images, and you can crop, resize, trim and join videos with ease.

A.I.-Based Means Next Level Editing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

ProfitVideo runs on AI code, you just have to tell the software what you want, and it will get it done for you. No tweaking is involved for you. That means adding filters, animations, watermarks, and transitions are all 1 click away.

Built-In Templates To Fill In Your Own Videos

Use the hand-crafted templates so all you have to do is fill them in with your own videos, and let the software add in the appropriate transitions, animations, intros and outros.

Subtitles Let You Reach A Worldwide Audience

ProfitVideo comes with subtitles in any language so you can now reach audiences in 180+ different countries.

Thumbnail Creator Makes You Stand Out

Have you ever seen how thumbnails look like on Youtube? They instantly grab your attention and are created by expert designers to make you click. ProfitVideo has the same thing, only it’s better, faster and it only takes 1 click for you to get yours.

Done-For-You Products To Promote

Just activate one of the DFY affiliate offers, edit any of the pre-recorded videos that’s given to you and insert your affiliate link and be on your way to $1,000+ commissions without doing any work.

Publish & Share Instantly

With just 1 click you can now export & publish your video. Download to your computer, or make it go Live. It’s all easy to do with ProfitVideo.

Built-In Training To Get You To $1,000+/Month

You’ll get over-the-shoulder case studies and in-depth training straight into ProfitVideo showing you step by step how to create, edit & publish a winning video.

Who Is ProfitVideo Useful For?

Affiliate Marketers & Content Marketers

Video Marketers & YouTubers

Influencers & eCom Marketers

Agency Owners & Website Owners

Product Vendors & WhatsApp Marketers

Social Media Marketers & Lead Generation Experts

Below Is A Overview Of ProfitVideo

ProfitVideo – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Any Internet Marketer regardless of the niche, who wants to generate consistent income by selling their own products & services or affiliate offers needs a video to get the attention of the visitors. ProfitVideo will do all the heavy lifting for you and help you churn out converting videos in very little time.

Yes! the built-in hand-crafted templates, over-the-shoulder case studies, and in-depth training make this possible and lets you leverage the power of video marketing with a lot of other features as discussed earlier. Get Started Now!

Note: Access To The Special Bonuses Will Be Delivered In Your WarriorPlus Portal

Bonus #1 – Webinar Delivery Blueprint

Building authority and expertise in the industry online is one of the best and effective strategies to build connections with your prospects and eventually make money. 

Keeping this in mind, I’m giving you this amazing package that includes 9-part video series to get more people to purchase your products and services after watching your webinars.

Bonus #2 – FB LIVE Video Engager

This is a tool for displaying Facebook reactions in real-time on a Facebook Live video voting, You can also choose the number of competitors and add an image for them, which leads to promoting and increasing reach to your page, and also you can do a live broadcast on YouTube & Twitch & Dailymotion. It’s a great way to get more Facebook page likes.

Bonus #3 – FB Webinar Plugin

Create high-converting webinar landing pages inside of Facebook or WordPress.

Get started right away, and set up as many FB Webinar pages as you want. You can use webinar pages without Facebook too and use nice pretty URLS inside of WP.

Bonus #4 – Web Conversion Videos

Easily boost your web conversion rates with the help of this effective bonus package. This video training guide covers the factors that will help your website increase its conversion rate beyond anything you have ever hoped for.

Bonus #5 – Promo Video Secrets

Promotional videos have become a top marketing tool in the 21st century. They foster increased attention of the audience and convert visitors into high-paying customers. 

So, here’s an exciting package that helps to easily create high-quality short promotional videos and boost your product conversions in a hassle-free manner. This video series includes 6 content-packed videos that will show you step by step how to create a basic, professional promotional video to skyrocket your sales.

Bonus #6 – WP Video Commenter

The following plugin enhances and kinda revolutionizes the experience of posting videos in WordPress. Now, it is possible to enable commenting on chosen scenes of your video straight on your site (be it a blog, webinar, training, etc.). All thanks to a plugin that integrates with clips from YouTube, Vimeo, and directly via the WordPress media catalog.

Bonus #7 – Video Agency Turnkey Business Kit

Video Agency Turnkey Business Kit is a tool pack that equips you completely to start your own Video Agency Business.

Bonus #8 – Ultima Downloader (Hijack & Download Any Video)

How would you like to hijack any video online and caption it for your marketing?

If so This gives you the easy opportunity to download your favorite videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion, YouTube without the need for any external API.

This amazing tool does not require any Coding, Database, or any complex term. All you have to do is to paste your video URL from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube and leave the rest for our tool. The tool automatically generates download links for different varieties of quality depending on their availability. With our amazing tool, you can start a video downloading website in seconds.

Bonus #9 – Mastering and Marketing Online Video Made Simple

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Videos Online!

Changing technologies have sourced paradigm shifts in the way companies used to do their business. Gone are the days when print media, radio, and television were considered the only ways of reaching the masses. 

The internet evolution has caused a revolution especially in the fields of advertising and marketing. The Internet has become the most effective mode of communication and today millions of companies around the world are engaging in online business activities in one way or another. 

Below are the chapters that you are about to enjoy reading:

 Chapter 1 – Introduction to use of video online.

 Chapter 2 – Scope of using videos.

 Chapter 3 – Marketing through Videos & its Types.

 Chapter 4 – Basic categories of online videos.

 Chapter 5 – Viral video.

 Chapter 6 – Promotional video.

 Chapter 7 – Educational video.

 Chapter 8 – Online videos and business objectives.

 Chapter 9 – Selecting a video style.

 Chapter 10 – Why a video is essential for your website.

 Chapter 11 – How to develop and edit a video.

Chapter 12 – How to upload a video to your website.

 Chapter 13 – Additional software features while uploading your video.

 Chapter 14 – Tips to develop effective online videos.

 Chapter 15 – How to optimize video SEO.

 Chapter 16 – Why videos are essential for small businesses.

 Chapter 17 – Pros and cons of using videos.

 Chapter 18 – Using Videos on Websites in a Glance.

Bonus #10 – X-Treme List Build Plugin

For running businesses, email lists are very important. Businesses and individuals use email lists in a variety of ways.

With this ultimate bonus package, you can easily start creating engagement with your new leads by making your landing page memorable and enjoyable.

Bonus #11 – Video Biz In A Box

Youtube Videos To WordPress Posts plugin allows users to import Youtube videos to WordPress in the easiest possible way. You can query videos by user, channel, query, id, and you can also bulk import to save yourself some time. It also supports a clean way to integrate imported videos into your theme.

Bonus #12 – Vidcontester

This is a plugin for creating a contest within 5 minutes, with this you can create a comprehensive video competition quickly and easily either on your own wp site or as a complete stand-alone fit-for-purpose website.

Bonus #13 – Social Media Viral Content Builder For WordPress

Get ready to rocket your content into the viral stratosphere. This automated plugin developed for WordPress can hide any content so that in order to read it the user must share it via social media channels. This has the potential to bring much more traffic to your content and turn it viral.

Bonus #14 – KontrolPress WP Plugin

KontrolPress is the first software that fully protects your website with hack-proof security and optimization to boost speed and on-page SEO for high rankings… saving you thousands of hours and dollars in potential loss.

Bonus #15 – Video Marketing Mastery

Effective video marketing is all about conversions. The video has to play a role in getting the viewer to whip out their credit card and buy something or click on an ad that pays you or enter their email address or zip code into a form.

The challenge to video marketers nowadays is that video may have been the victim of its own success.  The problem now is that there’s so much video out there that most of them simply don’t have an impact. They don’t get people to convert to buyers.

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