“Kaptiwa 2.0” Review By SAASMantra

Kaptiwa 2.0 is a Lightning Fast Video Hosting & Marketing Software That Plays HD Videos on Any Site, Shop, Page and On Any Device. This 100% Cloud Based Software Let’s You Publish Your Videos Anywhere You Like by just copy & pasting 1 Line of Embed Code. With This Easy and Intuitive To Use with Step by Step Guidance You Can Showcase Unlimited Sales Videos & VSLs, Client Prospecting Videos, Training Videos, Product Demo Videos With Utter Ease & Maximize Visitor Engagement with Ad-Free Videos.


Product : Kaptiwa 2.0

Niche : Software (Video Hosting & Marketing)

Vendor : Todd Gross & Dr. Amit Pareek

Launch Date : 2020-February-26

Launch Time : 10:00 a.m EST

Front-End Price : $47 – $97

Refund Policy : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk : https://support.dotcompal.com/

Support Email : support@dotcompal.com

Checkout Some Of the Features & Benefits of Kaptiwa 2.0

 Lightning FAST Video Hosting & Marketing Software that lets you Play Your Elegant Videos on Any Site, Page or Device

 Upload UNLIMITED sales, training, client prospecting or informative videos to Sell more products or services, get more visitor engagement & more customer satisfaction

 Put Your Videos On ANY Website, Landing Page, Online Shop Or Membership Site In Just 3 Easy Steps

 Get an Attractive Video Player with Complete Customization with 100% Mobile Responsive Video Pages and Player

 HLS player- Optimized to work on all devices that has Seamless Integration with Top Autoresponders

 Embed Your Own Ads and Call to Actions Inside Videos which comes with lot of Done-for-You, High converting Ads Templates

 Drag and Drop Editor to Edit Ad Templates in Few Clicks

 MP4 Video Format with Full HDR Support

 Get Numbers of Visitors Interested in What You Have to Say on Kaptiwa Video Page & allow visitors to share your videos on top social media sites for viral traffic & leads.

Who is Kaptiwa 2.0 For?

 Webinar Experts

 Business Coaches

 Course creators & Coaches

 Lead Generation Agencies

 Digital & SAAS Product Sellers

 eCommerce Sellers & Affiliate Marketers

Captivating Every Visitor on Your Kaptiwa Videos is as EASY as 1, 2, 3

One or more videos at a time and let the software optimize them for faster delivery on any browser & device.

The look and feel of the Beautiful Player in just a few clicks to use it for your brand or monetize it by inserting your clickable affiliate link, lead forms or buy buttons to sell your products & services right inside the videos.

Your Videos, Channels & Playlists to play HD video on any landing page, website or device and watch your customer engagement & sales rolling in fast for Profits.

Checkout How Kaptiwa 2.0 Works?

PRO’s & CON’s Of Kaptiwa 2.0


[+] 100% Newbie Friendly & Cloud-based software

[+] Kaptiwa 2.0 Let’s You Embed Your Own Ads & CTA Inside Videos

[+] Complete video training included to Guide You through Every Step of the Process.

[+] FREE Hosting! No Hosting Costs! (Up to 50 GB Bandwidth/month!)

[+] 100% Mobile Responsive Video Pages and Player

[+] Seamless Integration with Top Autoresponders to Manage Leads Easily.


[+] None! There isn’t any drawback in the software. Kaptiwa 2.0 is battle ready software that’s loaded with all necessities to host and market your Sales Videos & VSLs, Product Demo Videos, Members Videos, Training Videos and much more with lot of exclusive features included..However, a cap on bandwidth usage of 50GB/month is set for the front-end of the software, which you can change into unlimited bandwidth with an optional upgrade Kaptiwa 2.0 Elite Version. 

Note: This limit on the bandwidth usage on the front-end version doesn’t stop the app from hosting videos with the same maximum capability.

Kaptiwa 2.0 – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Videos play a major role in maximising customers experience & your business ROI. Considering how much you prioritize the viewing experience of the customers is what that decides your conversions, sales & traffic & so on.. YES! Kaptiwa 2.0 is built with this exact same priority of maximising viewer experience & by making it more easier to host your videos with user & newbie friendly interface for you. Act Now & Secure Your Copy!

Uncover the secrets to create your own professional videos in minutes with this useful package. You don’t even have to speak … the software will do it for you!

Just use this mind-blowing package with Kaptiwa 2.0 and scale your business to the next level.

Tired of reading endless texts and lengthy articles? Breathe easy as we’ve got something that will ease all your worries once and for all! Text to Speech Converter is an easy to use software that turns any text into audio, and you can listen it anytime, anywhere.

When combined with Kaptiwa 2.0, it enhances your video marketing results & helps you become the market pro.

Professional quality music tracks are powerful tool for your marketing needs. Searching for something like this, you’re at the right destination.

This easy to use software has countless quality tracks that vary in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and can be inserted anywhere in your videos.

Using this package with Kaptiwa 2.0 will turn your videos into highly professional attention magnets without spending a fortune.

The most effective way to build a list is by using video squeeze pages. Keeping this in mind, here’s a very useful tool that builds amazing and high-converting squeeze pages that will generate unlimited subscribers for you.

Use this tool with Kaptiwa 2.0 and turn your video squeeze pages into high-converting and effective pages that generates lots of new subscribers.

Selling digital media products is the simplest business model to make massive profits. Follow this system to make thousands per month as an eBay PowerSeller and digital media products seller on the world wide web!

Combine this system with Kaptiwa 2.0 to get even more sales and make even more profits from your online business.

Want to know about secrets behind building a brand that people love? Here you will find out all the tips, techniques and exact steps to build your brand and develop a perfect marketing strategy.

While using Kaptiwa 2.0 for video marketing, integrate this with your overall marketing strategy & boost your brand building efforts in the long run.

Every marketer knows how powerful graphics are in promoting products or services online. But creating them is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So to bail you out from this, we’re providing this useful tool using which you can easily create animated images in GIF format.

Now use this amazing tool along with Kaptiwa 2.0 to intensify your business growth like never before.

Public Speaking is all about magnetize and amaze your audience. It easily lives up to its name when it comes to learning about this hot topic, on demand among Niche Marketers.

So, here’s an exclusive package that makes public speaking a reality for all introverts and helps them break the stereotype. When used with Kaptiwa 2.0, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.

With this product you will discover the exact process to create multiple kinds of video, multiple stories and multiple scenarios. Here are the simple steps to creating animated videos to attract new customers and prospects.

This package is a must have and when combined with powerful video hosting & marketing technology Kaptiwa 2.0, reaps great results for you in the long run.

Video product launches are the go-to for the world’s best brands. Here’s the guide that reveals the best techniques used in the successful product launch videos to improve brand positioning.

By combining this package with powerful Kaptiwa 2.0, you will reap out maximum benefits from your video launches.

Are you a blogger, affiliate marketer or an email marketing expert, then you must offer a lead magnet to make your visitors join your email list?

And its no secret that attractive visuals grab your visitors eye and get them hooked. So, here’s an easy to use package that creates a 3D eBook cover design in just a few clicks.

Now stop thinking and use this with video hosting & marketing prowess of Kaptiwa 2.0 to take your business to the next level.

Branding is critical for every marketer and if overlooked, it proves to be fatal in the long run. But if you’re not a graphic designer, chances are you may have to invest tons of time and money for the same.

So to bail you out from this mess, we’re giving this tool that helps to build bundle of logo templates that you can use today for your own product to your clients or resell it.

Now all you need to do is create your own brand and use video hosting champ Kaptiwa 2.0 to zoom past your competitors at will.

To be successful, you must grab attention of your visitors and convert them into lifetime buyers.

So we’re giving you this useful software that creates a window that slides over your current window, when the open link is clicked.

This bonus when combined with Kaptiwa 2.0, becomes an ultimate growth booster for business owners.

There’s no secret that abstract images are the best way to capture audience eyeballs & get them lured to your offers. But creating them is a big pain and can’t be done easily.

Fortunately, we’re providing this pack that includes bundle of abstract digital graphics that you can use right away. This bonus when combined with Kaptiwa 2.0 proves to be a great resource for every success hungry marketer.

Creating multi-media streaming video presentations is used by all top brands today in order to scale their profits to the next level. Wondering how you can do the same, time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Every visitor with stunning, top-notch multi-media streaming video presentations and convert each of them into buying customers. So, get in active mode and use this bonus with Kaptiwa 2.0 to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

The Power Of Podcasting is not unknown in the marketing scenario today. So if you also wanted to use its immense power, you’re at the right place.

With this 5-day crash course, you too can record your podcast & broadcast to a growing audience in several ways. Now stop thinking and use the growing power of podcasts to fuel your growth prospects.

Every business whether online or offline uses videos to communicate with their clients.

Creating amazing YouTube videos will finally be a reality now as this 31-part video course helps to make powerful demos, presentation and tutorials with just a smartphone, your Mac & affordable tools.

When used with the video marketing powers of Kaptiwa 2.0, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.

Building an email list is critical for every successful marketer. So, checkout this exciting package that streamlines the entire path how to build your first profitable list & use it to boost your affiliate commissions like a pro.

This package is a sure shot success booster and will give great results when combined with Kaptiwa 2.0, it becomes a lethal combination to fuel your online business growth.

Human stock images have proven their worth and are widely used by marketers to garner higher audience attention without breaking their bank.

So, here’s an exciting package that includes package of stock photos that you can use for your marketing activities today.

Now combine this package with countless benefits that you get with Kaptiwa 2.0 and take your profits to the next level.

It’s no scientific fact that videos are the best way to convey your marketing messages to a globally scattered audience in short span of time.

So, here are giving a very useful package that turns your “average” video into a professional-quality masterpiece that entices maximum audience.

So take action & use this bonus with Kaptiwa 2.0 to become an enviable success story.


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