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CopyMachina is a brand-new emotionally intelligent copy app that creates unlimited high-converting, context-based, emotionally intelligent marketing copies for your blogs, websites, videos, emails, ads, social media posts, eCom products, and beyond in any niche or language. You simply enter a few keywords, select your preferences, creativity, and emotional tone, and the AI will automatically generate your high-converting copy.

You can select from over 33+ pre-defined, automated, copywriting templates for all your marketing needs. Use them as they are or add your personal touch, make them unique, authentic and watch your sales & traffic skyrocket. You can reach a global audience with this AI copy tool that supports over 35 languages. No matter where your target market is, CopyMachina can help you connect with them through powerful, emotionally intelligent copy.

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Product: CopyMachina

Niche: Software

Vendor: Ram Rawat

Launch Date: 2023-September-30

Launch Time: 10:00 a.m EST

Front-End Price: $17

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support: support@ramrawat.net

Create Powerful, Emotional & High Converting Copies In 3 Simple Steps

Login And Select From Over 33+ Pre-Defined, Automated, Copywriting Templates For All Your Marketing Needs

Enter Few Keywords, Select Your Preferences, Creativity, Emotional Tone, And the AI Will Automatically Generate Your High-Converting Copy

Use As It Is Or Add Your Personal Touch, Make It Unique, Authentic And Watch Your Sales & Traffic Skyrocket!

Here Are Some Of The Features Of CopyMachina

33+ Copywriting Templates So You Can Get Started Right Away

Choose from a wide variety of copywriting templates to suit your specific needs. These templates are designed to save you time while still delivering high-quality content.

Whether you need copy for your blogs, websites, ads, social media posts, eCom products, emails, or just anything, CopyMachina has got you covered!

Custom Copy Generation That Fits Your Brand and Tone

With the custom copy generation feature, you can input your own ideas and preferences to create completely unique and authentic copy. This ensures that your content stands out from the rest and is tailored specifically for your target audience.

Create anything else like – Cold Emails, Instagram Captions, LinkedIn Headlines, YouTube Titles, Twitter Tweets, And Much More!

Multi-Lingual Support With Over 35+ Languages

Reach a global audience with the AI copy tool that supports over 35 languages. No matter where your target market is, this tool can help you connect with them through powerful, emotionally intelligent copy.

Select the Best Tone Of Voice To Connect With Your Audience Emotionally

The tone of voice selector allows you to choose from a range of emotional tones – whether it’s empathy, urgency, excitement, or anything in between. This helps you establish a deeper connection with your audience and drive them to take action.

Adjust Length To Fit Any Platform

Whether you need short and snappy copy for social media or longer, more detailed content for your website, CopyMachina can adjust the length of the output to fit any platform. This saves you time and effort in editing or rewriting your copy to fit different platforms.

Generate Multiple Number Of Outputs

Don’t settle for just one output. With Copy Machina, you can generate multiple copies and choose the best one that fits your needs and preferences. This gives you the flexibility to experiment and find the perfect copy for your marketing campaign.

Context-Based Copy For More Relevance

The context provider feature ensures that your copy is relevant and specific to your target audience. Provide accurate information, give more context, solve their pain points, and connect with them on a personal level – all through the AI-generated copy.

Adjustable Creativity Level To Match Your Brand's Persona

Every brand has its own unique tone and persona, and CopyMachina allows you to adjust the creativity level to match your brand. This ensures that your copy is consistent with your brand’s voice and resonates with your target audience.

Built-in Editor for Last Minute Tweaks

The built-in editor allows you to easily edit and perfect your copy before downloading or sharing it. This ensures that your final product is polished and professional.

Document Manager for Easy Organization

With CopyMachina, you can keep all of your copies organized in one place with the document manager feature. No more sifting through folders and files to find the copy you need. Stay organized and save time with this tool.

Downloadable Content for Easy Sharing and Publishing

Once you’ve created the perfect copy, you can easily download it in various formats such as Word Doc, HTML, or plain text. This makes it easy to share and publish on different platforms without any hassle.

Turn Simple Words Into Mesmerizing, Attention Grabbing Images For Blogs, Websites, Ads, & Social Posts

With CopyMachina, you can easily turn simple words into stunning images for your blogs, websites, ads, and social media posts. This adds a new level of attention-grabbing power to your copy and helps you stand out from the competition.

Select Resolution, Lightning type, Mood, Art Style & No. of images required – the A.I. will do the rest for you.

Who Is CopyMachina Useful For?

Content Marketers & Copy Writing Experts

Social Media Marketers & Product Vendors

YouTubers & Video Marketers

Bloggers & Lead Generation Experts

Affiliate Marketers & eCom Marketers

Local Businesses & Website Owners

Watch A Quick Overview Of CopyMachina

CopyMachina – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you like them.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Gone are the days of struggling to find the right words and tone for your blogs, websites, videos, emails, ads, social media posts, and eCom products. CopyMachina revolutionizes the way you approach content creation and marketing. With just a few keywords and a selection of preferences, creativity, and emotional tone, you can effortlessly create compelling and persuasive copy that resonates with your target audience.

CopyMachina streamlines your marketing efforts and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business. In an era where personalized and emotionally resonant content is key to success, this CopyMachina app will prove to be a game-changer. It not only saves time and effort but also consistently delivers results that exceed expectations.

Note: Access To The Special Bonuses Will Be Delivered In Your CopyMachina Dashboard

Bonus #1 – Reseller License To KleverSend AI

KleverSend AI is a unique all-in-one WhatsApp autoresponder & bot-powered by ChatGPT4 that acquires new leads, simultaneously talks to unlimited prospects just like a human does, follow-up & close sales automatically.

With KleverSend AI, you can send unlimited WhatsApp broadcasts & messages to all your customers & subscribers. You will never have to worry about limited reach & restrictions ever again. Get your messages delivered to an unlimited number of customers & subscribers.

You can upload unlimited contacts & broadcast messages to them instantly with just a few clicks. All you need is an Excel or CSV file containing the contact details of your customers & subscribers and you are good to go. Just take your unique campaign link, share it anywhere on the web & start collecting leads from it. The intelligent bot will take over the conversation and close sales for you automatically. This will help you to scale up your business in no time.

Bonus #2 – Reseller License To MassReel Domination

MassReel Domination is a brand-new app powered by a “Secret Sauce” Technology that Creates 100s Of Highly Addictive, Attention-Grabbing Instagram Reels In Minutes & Skyrocket Your Reach, Followers, Traffic FAST! Plus, With the Step by Step Video Training and Case Studies, You’ll Have Everything You Need to Become a Reels Master & Take Your Social Media Game to the Next Level.

Bonus #3 – Reseller License To HyperQuizLists

HyperQuizLists is a brand-new software that builds viral quizzes that can be used to engage customers and collect leads or make sales. With the easy-to-use drag & drop editor, you can easily add images and videos to your quiz. You can also customize the questions and answers to your liking. Just click, edit and you’re done.

With the built-in 1-click embed feature, you can embed your quiz to any site or page with just a few clicks. Just copy & paste a line of code and you’re done! Whether you use WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify, plain HTML sites, or any other platform, this software will work for you.

Bonus #4 – Reseller License To Bling App

Bling is an all-in-one cloud-based Instagram App that helps you create high converting Instagram content, drive targeted traffic, gain followers & massive engagement resulting in consistent income generation. Although you can send Bling traffic to any offer or link, the creators of Bling are also including proven, ‘done for you’ campaigns to send your traffic to for easy paydays.

Bling uses the power of automation technology to hack Instagram for FREE buyer traffic in any niche. Bling app has the capability to Create Viral Images, Post Scheduler, Auto Comment Reply, Keyword Based Reply, Comment Scheduler, Trend Finder, Complete Analytics, Multi-User feature, and much more…

Apart from the software, you will get access to step-by-step video training & case studies that show you how to get up and running with Bling right away and how you can grow your personal or professional Instagram accounts from scratch & grow your brand, traffic & business. 

Bonus #5 – Reseller License To AutoPreneur AI

AutoPreneur AI is a brand-new Ai-powered lockable “Kindle-like” Flipbook creator that creates unlimited engaging & memorable lockable flipbooks that get free traffic, collect targeted leads, follow up & convert them to sales automatically. You can select from 7+ sources to create content for your Flipbook or let the AI write unique ebook content for you in a few clicks.

You can choose from different design options, adjust colors, and the size of your flipbook to make it look exactly like you want it! Add texts, images, hyperlinks, videos, and more with a few clicks. Also customize your headers, footers, background images, logos, and more. Keep your brand identity consistent without spending an extra dime.

Bonus #6 – 7-Figure Mastery

This bonus will provide you with the necessary strategies for you to set up your online business from scratch, even if you are not familiar with Internet Marketing. 

If you are a so-called ‘newbie’ to Internet Marketing and you intend to set up your own online business, it is imperative that you deal with the main technicalities that are the core of your online business.

Bonus #7 – Website Manager Software

Pretty Much Anyone Doing Anything Online Who Owns Websites or Blogs Can Use This One. People Need Something to Help Themselves Stay Organized!

If you are a blogger, online business owner or SEO practicing building a private blog network, managing many blogs is really a pain in the ass.

That’s why most PBN owners outsource this issue to a Virtual Assistant. But hiring a VA can also be expensive and not reliable sometimes if you’ve picked the wrong one.

Luckily, inside this product is a tool that helps you organize and manage your website effectively.

Bonus #8 – Traffic Machine

Are you a small business that has been struggling to increase the traffic to your website?

Did you spend your valuable time building a website only to have it go unseen?

If your website isn’t bringing in the visitors like it should, then you may need to think about your content marketing strategy.

Everyone has struggled with increasing traffic to their site and one point in time or another. Those who have become successful, have discovered the secrets to turning their site into a traffic machine.

They’ve learned how to optimize their site to rank higher on search engines, they’ve successfully utilized social media to drive traffic to their site, they’ve developed a successful email marketing campaign, and they’ve learned the benefits of link building and guest blogging.

With this guide, you will discover:

🡺 The importance of developing high-quality content that is SEO optimized and how to use analytics to continually improve your strategy.

🡺 How to create a powerful social media marketing campaign and discover the best social media platforms for your particular target audience.

🡺 The importance of link building and how to approach it.

🡺 Why guest blogging can be the best way to increase traffic to your site and how to go about finding the right blogs to approach.

🡺 How to grow your email list and implement an email marketing campaign that will get you results.

Bonus #9 – Lead Book Generator

With this powerful plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have your leads added to your mailing list automatically!

This is a premium WP plugin that will open the doors to a highly effective way of building your list and making money quickly with Facebook. This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

Bonus #10 – The Opt-In Funnel Crash Course

Every industry leader has an email list. It allows you for widespread distribution of information to your subscribers. 

The success of your email marketing efforts largely depends on the size and quality of your email list.

An opt-in funnel is one of the best ways to convince targeted visitors to share their names and emails with you.

With this step-by-step video course, you will learn to create your first opt-in funnel for free.

Bonus #11 – The Copywriters Handbook

The ability to turn words into gold is probably the most important aspect of any marketer. If you can do this, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can make money from anywhere, anytime just from your words.

Today, modern entrepreneurs are making a killing using copywriting techniques in their businesses.

If you truly wish to be successful in your online business, you’ll have to learn the ropes of effective copywriting so that your readers will love you. Good copywriting practice is a learnable skill.

With this bonus, you will learn everything you need to know about selling effectively on the Internet.

Topics covered:

Basics Of Copywriting

Headline Essentials


Call To Action

Handling Objections

Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Swipe Files

Wrapping Up

Bonus #12 – Fail Proof Headlines

Your headline sets the tone. It’s the first impression you make on your visitor, and it’s single-handedly the most important component of a successful sales page. 

A compelling headline captures attention and convinces people to continue reading every single word on your page until you have closed the deal. It persuades visitors into becoming customers and makes believers out of the skeptics. And if it’s done right, it has the power to transform a sales page into an incredible money-making machine.

This special report will provide you with the information you need to get started while going back to the basics. Here you are going to find out some of the most effective strategies for creating successful headlines, even if you are brand new to copywriting.

Bonus #13 – Affiliate Marketing A-Z

The Affiliate Marketing A-Z report is a very enticing lead magnet, especially for newbies. It explains the process of affiliate marketing and how to get started in the best possible way. Readers will learn what they must do to get started and what they must avoid. There is an A-Z of the most commonly used affiliate marketing terms that are essential to know.

This powerful report is ideal for those new to affiliate marketing. The introduction explains the benefits of getting started with affiliate marketing and provides some different ways for affiliates to make money. 

The biggest section of this powerful report is the Affiliate Marketing A-Z. Here the most commonly used terms in affiliate marketing are explained in the simplest terms so that the reader can easily understand them.

Bonus #14 – The USP Advantage

The USP Advantage is a new powerful report that explains how the reader can create the most powerful and compelling unique selling proposition (or point) for their business. You will learn why it is so important to develop the very best USP for your business as it will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

You will learn the most efficient methods for the creation of their powerful USP. These are proven methods that Fortune 500 companies have used for the development of their USPs. 

This bonus emphasizes that a USP is not the same as a slogan and goes far beyond this. This special bonus includes examples of excellent USPs that work perfectly for your businesses.

Bonus #15 – Launch It! Video Upgrade

With so many products and startups to compete with though, you might know the best way to make yours better. You will need to make sure you have a product that is better than all the accommodation. 

Whether you are just beginning this journey of having your own startup or you are struggling with one you opened a few years ago, you need to have the right tools so you can succeed. 

Your relationship with your audience and team members is key during this time. 

Think about how you need to market correctly and give your team members the materials they need to succeed. 

This video course will give you guidance on how you can easily launch a successful startup. 

Topics covered:

3 Best Social Media Strategies For a Growing Startup

Market Research Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Startup

5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Startup Employees

Strategies to Hire New People to Your Startup

5 Things to Keep Track of When Growing a Startup

How to Build a Startup Without Spending a Single Dime on Office Space

How to Build Your Startup While Achieving the Best Work/Life Balance

How to Test Your Startup Idea in 24 Hours or Less

The Pros and Cons of Running a Startup by Yourself

The Best Time to Scale Your Startup.

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