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CBSitePro is a brand-new app that auto-creates a self-updating ClickBank review website auto-loaded with top-converting ClickBank offers that are pre-approved and automatically embedded with your affiliate links. The platform also comes with an automated blog builder that helps you make relevant blog posts for your review sites without hassle.

Simply select from the 500+ DFY Content Sources or enter your keyword to get custom content. These blog posts are automatically drip-fed every day once your campaign starts. And the best part is… you can add customized blog posts too. You also get a CBSitePro plugin that makes it easy for you to build a ClickBank Review site using WordPress.

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Product: CBSitePro

Niche: Software

Vendors: Rick Nguyen

Front-End Price: $17

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy

Support Desk: https://pointfront.freshdesk.com

Support Desk: support@pointfront.freshdesk.com

Start Your Own ClickBank Review Site in 3 Simple Steps

Login To Your CBSitePro Dashboard

Enter Your Site Name

CBSitePro Instantly Creates A Completely Automated ClickBank Review Site Loaded With Top-Converting ClickBank Offers!

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside CBSitePro

Instantly Load Your Site With Top-Converting ClickBank Offers

? Your review site is automatically loaded with top-converting ClickBank offers. 

? Everything is beautifully designed and your sites are mobile responsive…

? Your visitors will be able to buy offers that you’re promoting on mobile & tablet as well.

100% Self-Updating

? Once your Review Site is up & running in 60 seconds, it automatically updates offers, prices, reviews, images, etc dynamically.

? No maintenance is needed… and the site will keep updating on autopilot without you ever having to touch it again.

Automated Blog Builder

? Make relevant blog posts for your review sites without hassle.

? Simply select from the 500+ DFY Content Sources or enter your keyword to get custom content.

? These blog posts are automatically drip-fed every day once your campaign starts.

? And the best part is… You can add Customized blog posts too.

Supports WordPress Site

You get a CBSitePro plugin that makes it easy for you to build a ClickBank Review site using WordPress.

Hosting and Domain Included With Absolutely No Cost

You get Hosting and Domain for absolutely no cost whatsoever… so you can kickstart without spending anything extra.

Training & Tutorials

You get articles, videos, and FAQs that can get you quickly started and solve all your problems without anyone’s help.

Who Is CBSitePro Useful For?

Freelancers & Bloggers

Product Vendors & eCom Marketers

Content Marketers & Product Vendors

Affiliate Marketers & Email Marketers

Video Marketers & ClickBank Marketers

CPA Marketers & Lead Generation Experts

Watch A Quick Overview Of CBSitePro

CBSitePro – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Whether you are a tentative newbie who wants to dip a toe into this make-money-online niche or a veteran digital marketer who wants to grow earnings, ClickBank has got you covered. CBSitePro not only creates your self-updating ClickBank review website on its hosting & domain but also comes with a WP plugin to build ClickBank review site on your WordPress Site.

Building a website like the one that CBSitePro does takes a lot of effort & resources which you are getting now for a small one-time investment that’s ready to take off. The series of articles, videos, and FAQs will show you all the ins and outs of the software and make you self-sufficient to generate consistent traffic & revenue in multiple ways. Get Started Now!

NOTE: Refer Your WarriorPlus Portal To Access Your Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 – SiteAnalyzer

In-depth SEO analyzer, Side-by-side domain comparisons, Whitelabeled pdf report generation, Quick and easy installation, Outstanding admin panel dashboard, Multilingual support, Multilingual SEO friendly URLs, Bootstrap responsive front end, Ninja Website Reviewer helps to identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents for a better search engine ranking.

It also offers side-by-side SEO comparisons with your competitors. Analysis reports also CAN be downloaded as PDF files for offline usage.

Bonus #2 – WP Single Page Builder

One Page Builder is an amazing WordPress plugin for building one page in a few minutes. With this plugin, you can create an unlimited landing page with more feature options.

Unlimited One Page, Unlimited Block, Parallax Effects, Gallery Included, Portfolio Included, DEMO XML INCLUDED, Fully Responsive, Logo Position: Left/right, Sticky Menu: On/Off, Custom SEO, Custom Menu, Custom Background for the first block: Gallery with 7 different spinner / Image/color/Youtube Video, Custom Background: Image/color/Youtube Video, Custom Pattern Background, Custom Opacity Background, Custom Logo, Custom Favicon, Custom Font Style, Custom Menu: Block/WP-Menu, Set a landing page as homepage.

Bonus #3 – Premier Widgets

Supreme Widgets is a Premium WordPress plugin made to enhance your website with much-needed social and marketing features! From Facebook Page like box, Simple Twitter streams, and Social networks with Font Awesome icons, to Contact Forms with captcha, Responsive Google Ads, and Google Maps.

Choose from 14 unique widgets and boost your static website with beautiful features.

Contact Form + Captcha, Tabs, Call to Action (Image, text + button), Facebook, Twitter, Video, Audio, Page Siblings, Page Submenu, Responsive Google Ads, Two Newsletter services (MailChimp and MadMimi), Google Maps, Sidebar Login, Social Network List + Font Awesome Icons.

Bonus #4 – ClickBank Marketing Secrets

ClickBank is one of the grand daddies of digital product affiliate marketing. Throughout the years, ClickBank has spawned a large number of competitors, but nothing can beat the original. If you are looking for an affiliate program that offers digital products across a very wide range of niches, you can’t go wrong with ClickBank!

Bonus #5 – ViralApp Builder – Viral news, lists, quiz, videos & polls

ViralPress is a software to build a viral content-sharing platform. ViralApp Builder supports news, lists, images, audio, videos, playlists, galleries, social media embeds, polls and quizzes.

With ViralApp Builder, anyone can easily create viral lists, quizzes, and polls quickly and easily from the front end. ViralApp Builder supports open list & copy list features to allow any user of your site to contribute to viral lists. Alongside the cool meme generator, gallery and playlist builder will take your site to the next level.

Bonus #6 – Any Website Cloner

Any WebSite Cloner is a PHP script that allows you to make copies, clones, or archives of any website. It does not matter whether this website is made with regular HTML files or was built using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla; SiteClones clones them all!

Once a clone or copy has been created; you can choose to either browse the clone online, download it as a ZIP archive, send it by email, or upload it to a remote server over FTP. 

With Any Website Cloner, you can start earning some bucks from web designing while smartly using this tool to jump-start the entire web design hurdles… Sweet!!

Not only does Any Website Cloner generate an exact copy of the site; but it also rewrites all URLs to be fully relative, which allows you to use the cloned site either on a web server or locally on your computer.

Bonus #7 – Share-subscribe-contact-aio-Widget

This is the BIGGEST high technology platform to help each website reach its goals like getting sorer, get more followers, getting more sales, getting more YouTube views, getting more email subscribers, getting more visitors’ feedback, presenting visitors special offers, promoting content with social media, to integrate and control external widgets like Facebook messenger, Vimeo video, SoundCloud audio, a Twitter news feed, telegram chats, social networking Follow Us widgets, etc.

Bonus #8 – ClickBank Blogging

Product reviews are a significant cash cow for many bloggers. When bloggers build an audience over time, they build trust with their audience.

Their followers are more trusting of the products that are put out there which is why it’s important to ensure that you’re promoting only the highest quality products in the marketplace. ClickBank is one place if not the best place to promote products to your list of members.

What makes Clickbank so great is that there are products in so many different niches. At the same time, it’s important to promote quality to your list instead of every run-of-the-mill product you find. In this guide, you’re going to learn the important elements of review blogging and promoting the best products from Clickbank.

You’ll learn how to create killer headlines for your blog posts, how to get your readers’ reaching for their wallets, how to use images to add a real spark to your blog posts, how to build real backlinks within your site to get it rising in the rankings and much more.

Bonus #9 – ClickBank Mastery Course

Clickbank Mastery – eMail Course is exactly what you need to attain the tools and knowledge required to make money online FAST!

Clickbank can make or break you. And this guide gives you the tools you need to make it big with Clickbank and leave everyone else in the dust. The strategies in this guide are practical and effective and all you have to do is make the decision to consistently apply them so you can head right to the top of your wealth mountain.

Bonus #10 – ClickBank Traffic Mastermind

ClickBank Traffic Mastermind encompasses all the tactical strategies and know-how you need to get rich and sustain it. The online world is crazy competitive and without insider information, you will never make it. That’s the truth!

The secrets hidden within the guru circle show you how to drive mounds of qualified traffic to your website so you can convert them to sales…ClickBank style. It’s all about building and bringing in loads of cash so you don’t have to worry about money.

With this money, you will gain online credibility naturally and this means you have set the bar high so you can reap the rewards and live the life you have always dreamed of.

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