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Astro is a brand-new app powered by Google’s brand-new AI tech that has everything you need to get free buyer traffic from one dashboard and send emails, send sms, create Facebook, Instagram & thread content. Astro lets you create reels, TikTok & shorts, long-form videos for Youtube with built-in stock images & videos and so much more.

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Product: ASTRO

Niche: Software

Vendors: Billy Darr, Finn Goswami & Justin Opay

Launch Date: 2023-July-29

Launch Time: 11:00 a.m EST

Front-End Price: $17

Refund Policy: 365-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk: Effective Support Desk

Here’s Everything That You’ll Get Inside Your Astro Dashboard

Astro App

Google’s AI tech-powered new-to-market app that exploits Google’s AI for massive amounts of free traffic, leads, and sales.

Astro Automation

No need to do any work whatsoever. Just let Astro take care of it all on autopilot.

Astro Ai Funnel

You will also get DFY Ai Funnel which pays $497 a pop…

Astro Traffic

You don’t need to do any ads, or traffic generation. Astro does all of that for you on autopilot.

Astro Mobile EDITION

This will allow you to also operate Astro, even from your mobile phone. Whether it’s an Android, iPhone, or tablet, it will work…

Astro Monetizer

You’ll be shown exactly how to monetize the traffic that you get with Astro.

Astro Training

There is nothing missing in this training… Everything you need to know is explained in IMMENSE detail.

Astro 1-1 Mentoring

You’ll also get 7 days of unlimited 1-1 mentoring. Simply let the team Astro know and the expert will reach out to you to give 1-1 mentoring or support.

Who Is Astro Useful For?

Affiliate Marketers & Freelancers

Social Media Marketers & Influencers

Product Vendors & Digital Agencies

Local Businesses & Website Owners

Email Marketers & Small Businesses

Astro – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Astro is an impressive and versatile tool that brings together a comprehensive set of features to unlock the potential of free buyer traffic from a single dashboard. The built-in stock images and videos further enhance your ability to craft compelling visuals without the need for additional resources or expertise.

Astro streamlines multiple essential functions into one platform, simplifies the process of attracting free buyer traffic, and enhances the overall marketing experience. Whether you’re a business owner, a social media influencer, or a content creator, Astro offers a compelling solution to elevate your digital marketing efforts to new heights.

NOTE: Access To All The Special Bonuses Will be Delivered In Your WarriorPlus Portal

Bonus #1 – VidAi

VidAi is a brand-new A.I-powered app that creates viral videos, reels, TikTok & shorts in just a few clicks. You get access to a built-in offer finder and page builder along with 100+ cherry-picked offers from the market that you can use with the VidAi app and earn commissions. The step-by-step tutorials and a 60-second guide included walks you through exactly how to get started and start generating consistent online income.

Bonus #2 – Nexus

Nexus is a brand-new AI-powered & ChatGPT4-powered Youtube bot that gets us set ‘n’ forget free traffic. Nexus app creates 1-click videos from any keyword and lets you edit them with the built-in point & click video editor if needed, Auto creates YouTube shorts, and much more to instantly generate hoards of targeted clicks for each campaign with ZERO ads…

Bonus #3 – Prime

Prime is a multichannel all-in-one media automated sales management software that gets you FREE traffic from 300 traffic sources across 7 channels like email, SMS, social & more. The creators of the Prime app have broken down 7 best cross-channel marketing tools into the following categories:

1. Messenger Chat BOT Marketing Tools.

2 Email Marketing Tools.

3 SMS marketing Tools.

4. Social Media Marketing Tools.

5. Push Notification Marketing Tools.

6. Video Marketing Tools.

7. Live Streaming Marketing Tools.

Bonus #4 – Charm

Charm is a brand-new cloud-based ‘Quora’ marketing software that allows you to drive FREE traffic from one of the most trending platforms and generate consistent profits. Charm is loaded with detailed video training that teaches you how to leverage the free Quora traffic you get with Charm for maximum profit

Charm comes loaded with multiple modules which are loaded with powerful features to build profitable campaigns, generate Quora Hashtags, Quora Backlinks, and much more for free traffic flow. You can use the brand-new checklist so that you can be ready to fire up Charm for results instantly and generate consistent income.

Bonus #5 – Astonish

Astonish is a cloud-based software that lets you drive FREE traffic to anything you like over and over again. Astonish lets you ‘stream’ your videos to 3 main traffic sources FaceBook, YouTube, and Twitch… And then the app lets you share those 3 ‘streams’ that already have the potential to get massive exposure to another 100+ free traffic channels…

With Astonish you can find high converting offers from platforms like WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVZoo that you can promote and generate consistent affiliate income. The creators of Astonish are also including guaranteed approval on all their products, plus an extra 20% commission boost on the entire funnel which gives you an extra earning potential.

Bonus #6 – Aura

Aura is a cloud-based all-in-one marketing software solution for your business. It offers all-powerful tools like SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Complete Social Media Solutions, Complete E-commerce Solutions inside Messenger & Outside Messenger, WooCommerce & many other features.

Aura’s drag-and-drop video maker allows you to create video content that stands out with over 100+ designer templates for all your social media needs. You can compare and find the right products from top platforms like WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVZoo. You can even see top products and research other products.

This is one of the complete traffic builder apps including visitor analytics (unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit, traffic analysis, top referrer, new & returning visitor, content overview, country & browser report, os & device report, etc.), web analytics (Alexa data, whois data, social media data, Moz check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check ), SEO tools (link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, page status check, etc.

Bonus #7 – Heroo

Heroo is a brand new cloud software that helps you drive autopilot traffic from over 700 different traffic sources across Email, SMS, Social & more. Whether you’re 100% new online or you’ve been an expert for years, it won’t matter: Heroo gives you a complete system that you need to generate traffic for FREE along with over-the-shoulder tutorials walking you through exactly how to get FREE traffic by following a few simple steps.

Bonus #8 – Viper

VIPER is a cloud-based platform with complete TikTok™ marketing solutions for your business. It offers many powerful tools like Affiliate offers search, TikTok Video search & maker, TikTok Bio links, Auto Reply & Quick Reply, BOT Automation for the audience growth, and many other tools. The major part is, you can share your TikTok profile link or content to 200 FREE Traffic Sources.

Viper is an ideal tool to reach your audience, build a connection, promote your brand and/or product and service, and communicate with your audience in real-time. Viper’s powerful drag and drop editor, along with its vast selection of images, fonts, elements, and GIFs, makes it easy for you to build viral TikTok Videos.

Bonus #9 – Genie

Genie is a cloud-based First Of It’s Kind 4-In-1 Multi-Channel Traffic App that you can leverage to drive traffic from 20 Free Traffic Sources In 1-Click. Genie has multiple channels such as SMS, Email, Social & Messenger that you can leverage in 1-click. You can drive traffic to any link of your choice to promote any products from multiple affiliate marketing platforms.

In addition to this, you also get access to Quick Start Guide that just shows you how to fire up Genie to get traffic & sales, step-by-step video tutorials, and much more. To help you make more profits, the creators of Genie are giving you 3-Figure A-Day Tutorials that you can utilize and succeed in online marketing.

Bonus #10 – Nexus

Venus is a brand-new app that lets you tap into Amazon Kindle & Audible platform – specifically the ability to create & sell 60-second audiobooks. Venus includes the app, 3000+ ebooks that can be turned into audiobooks, an image editor that you can use to create book covers, and step-by-step training to get started instantly and generate consistent income.

Bonus #11 – Koin

Koin is a brand new cloud-based Bitcoin software that helps you generate $39 worth of FREE Bitcoin, every 12 hours… Whether you’re 100% new online or you’ve been an expert for years, it won’t matter: Koin gives you a complete system that you need to generate Bitcoin for FREE along with over-the-shoulder tutorials walking you through exactly how to get $39 In FREE Bitcoin.

Bonus #12 – Omega

Omega is a cloud-based platform with complete Telegram™ marketing solutions for your business to grow. It offers many powerful tools like Affiliate offers search, Video builder, Bulk Telegram Sender, Auto Reply & Quick Reply, BOT Automation for the audience growth, and many other tools.

The major part is that you can share your Telegram offer link to 150 FREE Traffic Sources. Omega is the ideal tool to reach your audience, build a connection, promote your brand and/or product and service, and communicate with your audience in real-time.

Omega’s powerful drag and drop editor, along with its vast selection of images, fonts, elements, and GIFs, makes it easy for you to build viral Telegram videos. Customize video templates designed to make you look like a pro. Omega helps you to find hot affiliate offers from WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and ClickBank. With this dashboard, you can send requests for your affiliate link to promote offers and generate consistent online income.

Bonus #13 – 25 Proven Website Traffic Techniques

Discover 25 ways you can easily pull quality traffic to your website and learn how to optimize them. Traffic Is The Soul Of Any Website That Converts Visitors Into Buyers. These Strategies Show You How Exactly To Get That Website Traffic.

Bonus #14 – Video Affiliate Plugin

This unique bonus lets you create Stunning Video Review Pages And Manage Your Affiliate Bonuses ALL Inside Your WordPress Website.

Bonus #15 – Ultima Downloader (Hijack & Download Any Video)

How would you like to hijack any video online and caption it for your marketing?

If so This gives you the easy opportunity to download your favorite videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion, YouTube without the need for any external API.

This amazing tool does not require any Coding, Database, or any complex term. All you have to do is to paste your video URL from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube and leave the rest for our tool. The tool automatically generates download links for different varieties of quality depending on their availability. With our amazing tool, you can start a video downloading website in seconds.

Bonus #16 – Extreme Couponing

Discover The Secrets To Massive Savings On Everyday Purchases!

There are many ways to make money online. But one of the not-so-popular techniques in making money on the internet is by offering coupons. Because of this, there is absolute low competition in this industry.

If you are interested in making tons of money online, this money-making method would be a good choice for you to get started.

The good news is that inside this amazing product is a video tutorial on how to get this done right today.

Bonus #17 – Video Agency Turnkey Business Kit

Video Agency Turnkey Business Kit is a tool pack that equips you completely to start your own Video Agency Business.

Bonus #18 – Viral Secrets Exposed

Combine these strategies with your usual marketing to maximize your results with it. The SECRET code to going viral, confessions of a viral media spy.

 Uncovers secrets to getting your content to driving 1000s, and even 1,000,000 hits overnight.

 The easiest way to make all your content share-worthy, assuring it goes viral.

 How to put your viral campaign on Autopilot, giving you hands-free delivery of incentives.

Bonus #19 – The Secrets Of Marketing Via Social Networking Sites

No matter what you want to sell online, you need customers. And one of the best ways to find customers is through social media platforms. In this training module, you’ll learn the exact secrets to market your products or services through social media platforms.

Bonus #20 – Onyx

Onyx is a brand-new and fully-automated ‘drop servicing’ app that finds hungry buyers & fulfills them in just a few clicks. Drop servicing is a profitable business model that lets you get work from clients who are looking for services and then outsource it to a third-party service provider for a lesser cost. This way you generate consistent income from every drop service offered.

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