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AI Stack is a brand-new AI app that uses just a keyword to auto-generate eCom super-funnels that convert better than a lot of your competitors. You can sell any product (digital, physical, or affiliate offers) or select from the proven products Rolodex. You can customize your super-funnel to your taste using the built-in live editor.

You simply have to enter a keyword & let the AI automatically create stunning 3-in-1 super-funnels, complete with preloaded assets (hot product, description, image, video, and more) that you can use to sell and profit. You get instant access to hundreds of proven to convert ads creativity for you to scale your products. You can connect your super eCom funnel with your favorite autoresponder with the click of a button and start building your list.

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Product: AI Stack

Niche: Software

Vendor: Seyi Adeleke

Launch Date: 2023-October-02

Launch Time: 10:00 am EST

Front-End Price: $17

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy 

Support Desk: https://appclicksupportdesk.com

Support Email: hello@appclicksupportdesk.com

Auto-Generate High Converting eCom Super-Funnels In 3 Simple Steps

Login To Your AI Stack Dashboard

Let the AI Build you eCom Super Funnel that Will Sell Anything on Your Behalf (Physical, Digital, or Affiliate Offers)

Let the AI Stack Unleash Buyers’ Clicks Without Running Ads or Spamming Social Media

Below Are Some Of The Powerful Features Of AI Stack

AI Super Funnels

Simply Enter a Keyword and let AI Automatically Create Stunning 3-in-1 Super-Funnels, Complete with Preloaded Assets (HOT Product, Description, Image, Video, and more).

Live Editor

Customize Your Super-Funnel To Your Taste Using the Built-in Live Editor.

QR Code

Drive Tons of Traffic to your Super-Funnels using a smart QR Code.

DFY Ads and videos

DFY ads and templates for each product to use.

Integrate FB Pixel

Connect your Facebook pixel to retarget all your customers with more products.

Connect Your Autoresponder

Instantly connect your Autoresponder to start building your buyers list.

LIVE Whatsapp Chat

Leverage the power of Whatsapp to close more sales.

DFY Emails

DFY emails that you can use instantly to promote more products to your list.

Accept Payments

Accept payments with PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment method.

Auto Fulfil Order

1-Click, Express Auto Fulfil Orders Delivery Technology.

1-Click Upsell Tech With Exit Popup

Add Upsell + Exit Popup To Your Super-Funnels & Increase Your Revenue Per Order.

Domain Integration

Integrate your domain with AI Stack in a few simple steps.

One-Page Checkout

Smart One-Page Checkout Technology.

Social Proof

Show Real-Time Buyers & Skyrocket Sales.

AI Stack Is Highly Profitable For Anyone & Fits In All The Niches

eCommerce Marketers & Freelancers

Local Businesses & Freelancers

Video Marketers & Traffic Generation Experts

Social Media Influencers & Content Creators

Video Marketers & Lead Generation Experts

Watch A Quick Overview Of AI Stack

AI Stack – Pricing And Funnel Details

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade Details for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


With the power to effortlessly create high-converting sales funnels for any product, whether digital, physical, or affiliate offers, AI Stack puts the potential for success firmly in your hands. What truly sets this app apart is its ability to outperform some of the eCommerce giants in terms of conversion rates. The AI-driven approach ensures that every funnel is optimized for maximum results, allowing you to tap into the full potential of your products or affiliate offers.

Furthermore, the option to select from a Rolodex of proven products provides a shortcut to success, allowing you to promote items that are already known to perform well in the market. This not only saves time but also increases your chances of profitability.

In a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial, and this AI app empowers you to do that. With its user-friendly interface and unparalleled funnel generation capabilities, it’s a valuable asset for both seasoned e-commerce professionals and newcomers looking to make their mark.

Note: Submit Your Purchase Receipt To https://appclicksupportdesk.com To Access Your Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 – AISpark (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

AISpark is a brand-new AI app that creates ChatGPT4 powered marketplace that leverages WhatsApp users to sell digital, physical, and affiliate products or even a service with AI chatbots. This is not your everyday store. This is a complete AI store that is built on WhatsApp…

The best part is unlike any social media platform you can’t get blocked or banned from your WhatsApp. Giving you 100% control. Just enter a niche “or you can skip that too” and the AI-Agent will find you the best products that are proven to convert… AI will automatically chat with each lead and make the sales on your behalf… giving the customers a personalized experience that can potentially increase your closing rate.

Bonus #2 – pCommerce (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

pCommerce is a brand-new app that lets you build secure peer-to-peer eCommerce stores in no time and collect payments securely & fulfill orders with a single click, without having to design, create or ship them.

Bonus #3 – Zendly (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

Zendly is a brand-new autoresponder app that lets you send unlimited emails, WhatsApp broadcasts, bulk sms & voice messages from one single dashboard with a leads generator & built-in SMTP or use your own SMTP and integrate with all major SMTP providers (Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Twilio, Mailgun, Nextmo, MessageBird, Cpanel, TextMagic, Clickatell, etc).

Bonus #4 – Swirl (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

Swirl is a brand-new app that let you create a “scratch & win” website preloaded with 3 million+ DFY trending 15 – 60 secs YouTube shorts videos in 180+ hot niches (make money, eCommerce, travel, affiliate, fashion, food, finance, tech, etc). Swirl automatically adds videos to your scratch-off website without creating one and gets quality traffic & leads from Youtube.

Bonus #5 – TubePayz (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

TubePayz is a brand-new app that creates Youtube like website loaded with 3.9 million+ Youtube shorts & videos in 250+ different categories such as health, movies, fashion, etc, and lets you monetize the site with banner ads, video ads, AdSense ads, or by placing your affiliate links to your videos.

TubePayz lets you like, comment, and share videos for better engagement with your subscribers and collect leads & send them as many emails as you want. With TubePayz, you can compress your videos and export them in high-quality resolutions such as 780p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K and drive more engagement and conversions by sharing your website or channel on your social media accounts.

Bonus #6 – AI Genius (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

AI Genius is a brand-new interactive AI app that turns any website, blog, funnel, page, eCom store, or marketplace into an interactive lead, and sales machine by using AI video messaging, voice messaging, and screen capturing… All by copying just one line of code. You can customize your widget with any color, font, design without coding or designing and even integrate with the majority of autoresponders, to help you build your list fast.

Bonus #7 – Rapid Commission Sites (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

Rapid Commission Sites is a brand-new 1-click app that builds automated “Set n’ forget” sites that make $1,000+ in commissions. Rapid Commission Sites works in any niche of your choice, simply enter any keyword and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Bonus #8 – BlazeFunnels (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

BlazeFunnels is a cloud-based funnel builder software that creates proven-to-convert affiliate funnels that are automatically connected to the offers on Clickbank with the affiliate IDs of users, specific to the top 5 niches in the affiliate space such as:

1. Health & Fitness.

2. Make Money / Biz Opp.

3. Relationships.

4. Personal Development.

5. Survival.

You will also be able to integrate your favorite autoresponder with BlazeFunnels and start collecting leads in just a few clicks! The super-funnels inside of Blaze Funnels “auto-drive” free buyers to themselves by tapping into 40 red hot sources automatically. On top of the built-in free traffic, you also get free hosting for all your funnel at no extra cost.

Bonus #9 – ClickCash (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

ClickCash is a brand-new software that gets traffic that lets you earn passive profits. ClickCash does all the heavy lifting for you… Everything from getting traffic, and turning it into profit.

Bonus #10 – Click Home Income (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + Reseller License)

Click Home Income is a brand-new platform that creates unique products to give away as lead magnets to build a cash-cranking subscriber list, use them to promote high-conversion affiliate offers, or even sell them directly to consumers. 

Generate Professional Voiceovers.

Create High-End VSL Or Explainer Videos.

Beautify eBooks Or Articles.

Create eBooks With A Few Clicks.

Design Stunning Business Logos.

Spin Content Automatically.

Push Button Speech To Text Transcription.

Compose Beautiful Infographics.

Design Professional Looking eCovers.

Automatically Locate Freelance Gigs.

Integrated Push Button Traffic.

Bonus #11 – AI Stack 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Ecommerce Event

Get VIP access to a LIVE mastermind event and copy and paste the Proto Super Funnel underground system that Seyi uses to make 6-figures in 60 days.

Bonus #12 – Proto Facebook Ecommerce Marketing Solution — No Store System

This Facebook Messenger Bot allows you to sell your eCommerce Products to 2.9 Billion Users directly on your Facebook Page and AI Stack super-funnels without running ads or setting up any store

Bonus #13 – AI Stack Mobile eCommerce Simplified

Discover How to Setup A Mobile-Friendly WebShop in 24 Hours Or Less!

This mobile eCommerce system helps you to create user-friendly, mobile-optimized web stores in less than 24 hours.

Bonus #14 – AI Stack Traffic Booster Secrets

Discover The secret tips And Strategies To Get Tons Of Traffic To Your eCom Super-Funnels & And Boost Your Sales! ​

Use this system to solve all your traffic problems and get an avalanche of targeted visitors bombarding your funnels and offers… Day in & day out.

Bonus #15 – AI Stack Print On Demand Profits

Cash In On The Growing Print On Demand Trend By Starting The Easiest eCom Business Model! ​

This system will help you get everything you need to quickly and easily launch your own print-on-demand business using a proven 3-step proto super eCom funnels.

Bonus #16 – Facebook Amazon Store Application

FB Amazon Store Application is designed for Amazon sellers to list down their store products on their Facebook fan page, This app will create a new tab “Amazon Store” on the fan page.

 This is a very good tool for users who have Amazon stores and want to make a presence on Facebook to get more business and traffic on their store items. Once you do it, your Amazon listings will be loaded to your Facebook store and your Facebook visitors will be able to see/buy your items by clicking on the same button from your Facebook fan page.

Bonus #17 – T-Shirt Profits 101

Discover the secrets of making money designing & selling t-shirts! You can make BIG MONEY by selling your T-shirt designs online!

🡺 Uncover the secrets to picking winning designs nearly every time.

🡺 Find out how to get killer t-shirt designs, even if you don’t know the first thing about Photoshop.

🡺 Discover the secrets to promoting your t-shirts without spending a fortune on marketing designs that might not sell well.

🡺 Learn how to choose the right company to print your t-shirts! (This could make or break your business.

Bonus #18 – eCommerce With WooCommerce

Whether you’re selling digital products or physical products, creating an e-commerce store is your first step.

While there are a variety of different platforms that you can use to set up your e-commerce site, WooCommerce is the number one option if you are utilizing WordPress.

If you’ve wanted to sell your products online for a long time, but you just haven’t been able to do so because of the technical learning curve, then this is your solution.

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